Ratanabon Temple

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Ratanabon Temple
Ratanabon Temple is located in Myanmar
Ratanabon Temple
Shown within Myanmar
Basic information
LocationMrauk U, Rakhine State
Geographic coordinates20°35′56″N 93°11′37″E / 20.598833°N 93.193698°E / 20.598833; 93.193698Coordinates: 20°35′56″N 93°11′37″E / 20.598833°N 93.193698°E / 20.598833; 93.193698
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
Architectural description
FounderMin Khamaung
Completed1612; 407 years ago (1612)

Ratanabon Temple (Burmese: ရတနာပုံဘုရား [jɛ̀dənàbòʊɴ pʰəjá]; lit. "pile of jewels") is a solid stupa in Mrauk U, Rakhine State, Western Myanmar. The pagoda is located at the northwest corner of the Shite-thaung Temple.

According to local legends, it is said to have jewels and images enshrined in the central stupa but none have ever been found.

It was built in 1612 by King Min Khamaung and his wife.

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