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Rath Melsigi, Anglo-Saxon monastery in Ireland.


Rath Melsigi the monastery in Ireland during the 7th century where Saint Egelbert, an Anglo Saxon was educated. Many Anglo Saxons and Frankish were educated at Irish monasteries, including King Alfred of England, Oswald of England & Dagobert II of France, to name a few. It was located in what is now the townland of Clonmelsh, County Carlow. Among those known to have studied there were Willibrord, Swithbert, and Egbert (639-729), who organised the mission to Frisia. Others of the English community at Rath Melsigi included Adalbert of Egmond, Botolph and Chad of Mercia. Others studied at Irish monasteries at Armagh, Kildare, Glendalough, and Clonmacnoise.

In the controversy over the keeping of Easter, Rath Melsigi accepted the Roman Easter.

In the plague of 664, Bede tells, the monks of Rath Melsigi were almost all carried off by the disease.

Other Saxon foundations in 7th century Ireland included

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