Rationing and Supply Minister of Israel

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Ministry of Rationing and Supply
משרד האספקה והקיצוב
Agency overview
Formed 1949
Dissolved 1950
Jurisdiction Government of Israel

The Minister of Rationing and Supply (Hebrew: שר הקיצוב והאספקה‎‎, Sar HaKitzuv VeHaAspaka) was a short-lived portfolio in the Israeli cabinet. It was created on 26 April 1949 following a speech by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion introducing the country's austerity programme, and was held by Dov Yosef.[1] However, Ben-Gurion soon wanted the ministry closed down, and achieved his goal when forming the second government in October/November 1950 (the first government's collapse had been partially due to an internal crisis in the Mapai over the ministry's liquidation).[1]

List of ministers[edit]

# Name Party Government Term start Term end
1 Dov Yosef Mapai 1 26 April 1949 1 November 1950


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