Ratle Hydroelectric Plant

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Ratle Dam
Ratle Hydroelectric Plant is located in India
Ratle Hydroelectric Plant
Location of Ratle Dam in India
Country India
Location Ratle, Doda district, Jammu and Kashmir
Coordinates 33°10′37.55″N 75°48′29.53″E / 33.1770972°N 75.8082028°E / 33.1770972; 75.8082028Coordinates: 33°10′37.55″N 75°48′29.53″E / 33.1770972°N 75.8082028°E / 33.1770972; 75.8082028
Purpose Power
Status Under construction
Construction began 2013
Opening date February 2018 (est.)
Owner(s) GVK Ratle Hydro Electric Plant Inc.
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Impounds Chenab River
Height 133 m (436 ft)
Active capacity 10,000,000 m3 (8,100 acre·ft)
Power station
Name Ratle Hydroelectric Plant
Coordinates 33°9′9.21″N 75°45′05.68″E / 33.1525583°N 75.7515778°E / 33.1525583; 75.7515778
Commission date 2018 (est.)
Type 4 x 205 MW, 1 x 30 MW Francis-type
Hydraulic head 100.39 m (329.4 ft)
Installed capacity 850 MW

The Ratle Hydroelectric Plant is a run-of-the-river hydroelectric power station currently under construction on the Chenab River, downstream of the village of Ratle in Doda district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The project includes a 133 m (436 ft) tall gravity dam and two power stations adjacent to one another. Water from the dam will be diverted through four intake tunnels about 400 m (0.25 mi) southwest to the power stations. The main power station will contain four 205 MW Francis turbines and the auxiliary power station will contain one 30 MW Francis turbine. The installed capacity of both power stations will be 850 MW.[1][2] On 25 June 2013, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh laid the foundation stone for the dam. The project is expected to be complete in February 2018.[3] Pakistan has frequently alleged that it violates the Indus Water Treaty but the World Bank has not found fault with it.[4]

Project Status[edit]

  • As of 2015 June the project is yet to start. [5]

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