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Ratnanagar is a municipality in Chitwan District of Nepal. It is the second municipality in the district and the biggest municipality after Bharatpur Metropolitan City. Tandi is the major town of the former Village Development Committee that was incorporated into Ratnanagar. It is adjacent to Chitwan National Park, and serves as a gateway to the park. Ratnanagar Municipality have many possibilities in the field of agriculture, tourism, education. Agricultural products produced from Ratnanagar includes rice, maize, mustard and vegetables. This municipality is also a major place for production of poultry products and animal husbandry. Tourism is another source of income generation for the people in ratnanagar. People are directly or indirectly dependent in tourism industry. Well facilities hotel, vehicles, public transport are available for each part of Ratnanagar. Ratnanagar is also concerned in environment preservation so in order to preserve and protect environment, eco-friendly electric risk-shaw has also been introduced and available in different parts of this municipality.


To Promote local culture Ratnanagar has two Community radio Stations. one is Radio Arpan - 104.5 MHz another is Radio Chitwan 94.6 MHz. Communicate with people to the world EARTHLINK COMMUNICATIO ENT.PVT LTD is providing internet from the heart of chitwan tandi


There are several companies privately and publicly operating in Ratnanagar.[1][2]


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