Ratones Paranoicos

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Ratones Paranoicos
Ratones Paranoicos.jpg
Ratones Paranoicos in 2007.
Background information
Genres Rock and roll
Years active 1983 (1983)–2011
2017 (2017)–present
Website www.losratonesweb.com.ar
Members Juanse Gutiérrez (vocals and guitar)
Pablo “Maldito" Memi (bass)
Paul "Sarcófago" Cano (guitar)
Rubén "Roy" Quiroga (drums)
Past members Fabián "Von" Quintiero

Ratones Paranoicos is an Argentine rock band, formed in 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The group is influenced by rhythm-and-blues music, and their prime influence were The Rolling Stones, with whom they have shared Andrew Loog Oldham as a producer.[1]

Their lead singer, Juanse, is well known for his flamboyant personality and has often been parodied by popular artists like the comedian Diego Capusotto.[2]


It was originally formed by Juanse (vocals and guitar), Pablo “Maldito" Memi (bass), Paul "Sarcófago" Cano (guitar) and Rubén "Roy" Quiroga (drums). In October 2007, Fabian "von" Quintiero split from the band after being a member since 1997. In his place came Pablo Memi, returning to the original line-up. The band was once supported by Charly García.


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