Berchemia scandens

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Berchemia scandens
Berchemia scandens photo.jpg
Scientific classification
B. scandens
Binomial name
Berchemia scandens
(Hill) K. Koch[1]

Berchemia scandens, commonly called Alabama supplejack,[2] is a species of climbing plant in the buckthorn family. It is native to the central and southern parts of the United States.[3] It is found in a wide variety of habitats, including swamps, bottomlands, riparian banks, and upland calcareous areas.[4]

It is a woody vine, with older stems reaching 18 cm in diameter.[4] The strong stems of the plant are often used for wickerwork.[5] It produces flowers in the spring

Traditional Medicinal Uses[edit]

The Houma people used a decoction of the aerial parts of the vine for impotency. Other Native Americans used the plant as a blood purifier and the ashes of the vine to treat coughs.[6]


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