Rattling Blanket Woman

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Rattling Blanket Woman
Ta-sina Hlahla Win
Miniconjou leader
Personal details
Spouse(s)Waglula (Worm)
RelationsBrothers: One Horn, Lone Horn. Sisters: Good Looking Woman, They Are Afraid of Her
ChildrenCrazy Horse (Curly son), Looks At Her (daughter, b. 1837)
ParentsBlack Buffalo and White Cow (also called Iron Cane)

Rattling Blanket Woman or Tȟašína Ȟlaȟlá Wiŋ (1814-1844) was the mother of Crazy Horse.[1] She may have been a member of either of the One Horn or Lone Horn families, leaders of the Miniconjou.[2]

In 1844, while out hunting buffalo, Rattling Blanket Woman's husband, Waglula (Worm) helped defend a Lakota village under attack by the Crow. He was given three wives by the village head man, Corn: Iron Between Horns, Kills Enemy, and Red Leggins. They were Corn's daughters, and their mother had been killed in the attack.

Unfortunately, when Waglula returned with the new wives, Rattling Blanket Woman, who had been unsuccessful in conceiving a new child, thought she had lost favor with her husband, and hanged herself. Waglula went into mourning for four years. Rattling Blanket Woman's sister, Good Looking Woman, came to offer herself as a replacement wife, and stayed on to raise Crazy Horse.[3]


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