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The Rauch & Lang Carriage Company
Automobile Manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Genre Touring cars
Founded 1905
Founder Jacob Rauch and Charles E.J. Lang
Defunct 1920
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Area served
United States
Products Vehicles
Automotive parts

The Rauch & Lang Carriage Company was an American electric automobile manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, from 1905 to 1920 and Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, from 1920-1932.[1]

Cleveland years[edit]

Wagon builders Charles Rauch and Charles E.J. Lang began producing electrically powered automobiles in 1905 with a stanhope style vehicle.[1] By 1908 they were producing 500 automobiles a year.[1] In 1916, the company merged with Baker Electric.[2] After 1919, the automobiles were known as Raulangs.[2]

1916 Rauch And lang J-6

Owen Magnetic[edit]

The Owen Magnetic was manufactured in the Rauch and Lang factory from 1916-1919.[1]

Chicopee Falls years[edit]

1911 advertisement for Rauch & Lang Electrics.

In 1920, the Stevens-Duryea company bought out Rauch and Lang and moved production to Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. The company focused on producing taxi cabs and offered both electric and gasoline versions. Automobile production ended in 1928, but the company continued producing trucks and buses for a few more years.[1]

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