Rauli Virtanen

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Rauli Virtanen

Rauli Virtanen is a Finnish freelance journalist and television producer. He has covered wars and conflicts since the days of Vietnam and has travelled in 194 countries. He was a roving correspondent based in New York and London before having his own program "This is Rauli Virtanen reporting" on MTV3 in Finland. By 2006, he had visited all independent states in the world.

Virtanen has worked for all the major Finnish print and electronic media, and his articles have been published in The Far Eastern Economic Review, The Independent, Cambio 16, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, De Telegraaf, Tages Anzeiger and The Baltimore Sun.


Virtanen is the recipient of the two top journalism awards in Finland:

  • "The National Information Publication Award" in 1993, and
  • "The Suomen Kuvalahti journalism award" in 2001.

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