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Rauni is a name for a being in Finnish mythology. The exact role and identity of Rauni is debated, and theories range from Rauni having been a mother goddess and consort of Ukko to being identified with Ukko himself.


The opinion among scholars concerning the role of Rauni in Finnish mythology is varied. Some Rauni interpret as a name for the consort of Ukko, the Finnish god of thunder. Some also identify Rauni with the rowan tree, citing the reconstructed Old Norse form *raunir (English: rowan) as linguistic evidence. Others still, among them Martti Haavio, contend that Rauni is simply an epithet for a deity called Ukko, who may or may not be the well-known Finnish thunder god, and that the other theories are based on misreading a poem documenting Finnish Pre-Christian belief authored by Mikael Agricola.

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