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Coordinates: 60°10′16″N 24°56′38.5″E / 60.17111°N 24.944028°E / 60.17111; 24.944028 Rautatientori (Finnish for "Railway Square", Swedish: Järnvägstorget) is an open square in central Helsinki, immediately to the east of the Helsinki Central railway station. The square mostly serves as Helsinki's secondary bus station (the primary one being at the Kamppi Center). The square faces the eastern side of the railway station, with two ornate entrances: a bigger one for public use, and a smaller one exclusively for the President of Finland and his/her official guests.


At one side of the square is the entrance to the Central Railway Station and the Rautatientori metro station and near to the opposite corner is the entrance to the Kaisaniemi metro station.

During summer afternoons and evenings, the pub tram Spårakoff departs from the Mikonkatu tram stop in the square once per hour.

Rautatientori gallery[edit]