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For the third generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, with a similar name, see: Rabbi Assi.

Rav Assi (Hebrew: רב אסי‎), a Kohen,[1] was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the first generation of the Amora era. He originated from Hutzal, that was located nearby Nehardea of Babylonia. He was a "Fellow Student" of R. Abba Arika ("Rav") and a teacher of R. Judah ben Ezekiel.


Rav Assi was a colleague of R. Abba Arika, Samuel and Rav Kahana I. The Babylon Talmud recorded Rav Assi disagreeing with R. Abba Arika many times. According to the Talmud,[2] Abba Arika ("Rav") and Samuel would honor Rav Assi by not entering into a Brit milah event before Rav Assi does


Rav Assi should not be confused with the Amora sage of the land of Israel, Rabbi Assi, who was of the third generation of the Amora era, and is recorded many times both in the Babylon and the Jerusalem Talmud.

On the Jerusalem Talmud Rav Assi is recorded merely as Issi or Assa, without the title "Rav" or "Rabbi", much like other Amora sages of the first generation.

Rav Assi's death[edit]

According to the babylon Talmud,[3] Rav Assi died shortly after Abba Arika ("Rav") died.


The son of David (i.e. the Messiah) shall not come until all the souls have been depleted from the body. (i.e. until all persons who were meant to be born are born)[4]

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