Rav Karna

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Karna (or Rav Karna as he is recorded on the Jerusalem Talmud; On the Babylon Talmud he appears simply as Krana; Hebrew: קרנא‎) was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the first generation of the Amora era, and accounted as one of the first Amora sages, after the sealing of the Mishnah. He was a colleague of Samuel of Nehardea and Abba Arika, and served as a Dayan (Religious Judge), and the phrase "Judges of the Exile" in the babylon Talmud is an epithet attributed to Karna and Samuel of Nehardea. He wrote a compilation of Baraitas to Seder Nezikin, known as Nezikin of the School of Karna.[1] He made his living from testing wine quality.


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