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For the Amora sages of the Land of Israel,of the 3d Amoraic generation, see Hanina b. Papi or Hanina ben Pappa.
For another Babylonian Amora sage of the 5th Amoraic generetion, see Rav Papi.

Rav Pappa (Hebrew: רַב פַּפָּא‎) (c. 300 – died 375) was a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Babylonia.[1][2] He was an Amora; a student of both Rava and Abaye. He led the Talmudical academy in Nehardea (also called Naresh, or Nareš), close to Sura, during the fifth generation of Babylonian amoraim.[3][4] An expert brewer, Rav Papa was a wealthy man,[5] and it is said that whenever he completed a tractate in the Talmud he held a large party at which he invited his ten sons and many other people. At many modern siyums, a short prayer is said which mentions Rav Pappa and his ten sons.


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