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First edition

Ashes, Ashes (French: Ravage) is a science fiction novel written by René Barjavel, set in 2052 France. It was first published in 1943 by Denoël. Its English-language translation by Damon Knight as Ashes, Ashes was published in 1967 by Doubleday. Ravage has been included on many "all-time" best lists, including Annick Beguin's Les 100 principaux titres de la science-fiction.

Plot summary[edit]

In the storyline, a civilization much more advanced than ours falls to its knees when electricity suddenly disappears. Chaos, disease, and famine ensue, which readers witness through the adventures of a small group of survivors led by François Deschamps. The group leaves Paris and starts a journey toward Provence where the survivors will create a new patriarchal society with Deschamps as their leader.[1]


This novel has been cited as influential in science-fiction literature in the following books:[2]

  • Annick Beguin, Les 100 principaux titres de la science-fiction, Cosmos 2000, 1981;
  • Jacques Sadoul, Anthologie de la littérature de science-fiction, Ramsay, 1981;
  • Science-fiction. La bibliothèque idéale, Albin Michel, 1988;
  • Lorris Murail, Les Maîtres de la science-fiction, Bordas, coll. « Compacts », 1993;
  • Stan Barets, Le science-fictionnaire, Denoël, coll. « Présence du futur », 1994;


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