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Ravan Press, established in 1972 by Peter Ralph Randall, Danie van Zyl, and Beyers Naudé, was a South African anti-apartheid publishing house.[1]

Ravan Press was initially established to print the reports of the South African Study Project of Christianity in Apartheid Society (Spro-Cas). In 1974 it became a donor-funded oppositional publishing house, specializing in anti-apartheid literature.[1]

In 1984, following its release of Njabulo Ndebele's novel Fools and Other Stories (Staffrider Series, No. 19), Ravan Press won the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa.[2]

In the 1990s Ravan Press was taken over by Pan MacMillan.[3]

Book series published by Ravan Press[edit]

  • Battles of the Anglo-Boers
  • New History of Southern Africa
  • Ravan Local History
  • Ravan Playscripts
  • Ravan Writers Series
  • Staffrider Series[4]
  • Topic Series


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Further reading[edit]

  • G. E. De Villiers, Ravan: Twenty-Five Years (1972-1997): A Commemorative Volume of New Writing, Randburg, South Africa: Ravan Press, 1997.

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