Raven Banner Penny

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Raven Banner Penny

The Raven Banner Penny is a coin of the Norse-Gael Olaf Sihtricson who was the king of Jórvík between 941-944 and king of Dublin between 945-947 and 952-980.


Olaf Sihtricson also called Amlaíb Cuarán (c. 927 – 981) was a 10th-century Norse-Gael who was King of Jórvík and Dublin. His byname, Cuarán, is usually translated as "sandal". He was the last of the Uí Ímair to play a major part in the politics of the British Isles. The coins of Olaf Sihtricson were minted in the early 940s.

Legend and images[edit]

The obverse has a Triquetra and the encircled legend: ANLAF CUNUNC. The legend means "King Anlaf".

The reverse has a raven banner and the encircled legend: FARMAN MONET.A. The legend means "Moneyer Farman".[1]

The legend CVNVNC on the obverse is the word Konungr in Old Norse written in the Latin alphabet minus the letter r. CVNVNC is most likely a transliteration from Younger Futhark into 10th century Latin:[2][better source needed]



The inscription on the Raven Banner Penny is one of the earliest known surviving texts in Old Norse in the Latin alphabet.

The Raven Banner was a flag which was used by various Viking kings and other Scandinavian rulers during the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries. The flag was quite triangular, with a rounded outside edge on which there hung a series of tabs or tassels. It is most likely that the Raven Banner was a symbol of Odin.

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