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The Ravenite Social Club was a club in Little Italy, New York City, an area once known for its large population of Italian Americans.[1]


The club was frequented and used as the headquarters of the Gambino crime family in the late 1970s and 1980s.[2] Around 1990, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to infiltrate the Mafia using secret electronic surveillance, because John Gotti used an apartment above the Ravenite Social Club; the FBI subsequently sent agents to install voice recorders and other wiretaps inside the apartment. The FBI then used recordings from secret Mafia meetings in that apartment against Gotti. Exterior surveillance also recorded numerous union officials outside the Ravenite Social Club, helping the FBI in connecting the boss of the Gambino crime family to the city's labor unions.[3][4][5]

The club's former location, 247 Mulberry Street, is now a shoe store.[6]


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