Ravenloft: Realm of Terror

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Ravenloft: Realm of Terror
TSR1053 Ravenloft Realm of Terror.jpg
Author Bruce Nesmith and Andria Hayday
Genre Role-playing game
Publisher TSR
Publication date
Media type Boxed set

Ravenloft: Realm of Terror is a boxed set accessory published in 1990 for the Ravenloft campaign setting for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


Ravenloft: Realm of Terror is a supplement of rules for Gothic horror, describing a setting of 30 realms of a demiplane ruled by creatures such as vampires and werewolves.[1] The set covers rules for fear and generation of Gothic monster characters.[1] The supplement was written by Bruce Nesmith and Andria Hayday, with a cover by Clyde Caldwell, and was published by TSR in 1990 as a boxed set with a 144-page book, four large color maps, 24 cardstock sheets, and a transparent map overlay.[1] The boxed set includes color maps of the Ravenloft demiplane, as well as fold-up castles and other buildings.[1]


Lawrence Schick, in his 1991 book Heroic Worlds, calls the set's fold-up castles "scary".[1]


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