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Part of Bonny Crescent, overlooking the Cricket pitch in Ravenswood.

Ravenswood is a district within Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. It is sited on the old Ipswich Airport to the south-east of the town. The area has grown rapidly due to private housing development. The old airport building has been transformed into small flats, and part of the terminal has been redeveloped for commercial purposes.


Formation sculpture by Rick Kirby at entrance to Ravenswood.
Handstanding sculpture by Martin Heron near Ravenswood Primary School

The development was planned to be environmentally sensitive. Space for cars is limited, with traffic calming measures and frequent bus service links to the town centre. Mixed cycle paths and walkways are also a feature. Incorporated into the design of the buildings and sewers is a sustainable urban drainage system which allows rainfall to be returned to the environment without going through the sewerage system.

A number of pieces of public art have been installed: "Formation" by Rick Kirby at the entrance, designed to commemorate the areas links with aviation; "Handstanding" by Martin Heron near the school; "Green Wind 2" by Diane Maclean as a focal point beyond the end of Downham Boulevard on the Tump; and "Propeller" by Harry Gray has been placed adjacent to the green.[1]


Ravenswood Community Primary School.

Ravenswood has a primary school, sports centre and an NHS independent care centre. A retirement home named after Jamie Cann the MP for Ipswich who died in 2001 is also in the area. Behind the former airport terminal building, which has been converted into apartments, a small shopping centre has been built with one public house. Orwell Country Park is near to the area.

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