Ravenswood Generating Station

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Ravenswood Generating Station
Ravenswood Generating Station (41875).jpg
Ravenswood Generating Station in 2017
Country United States
Location Long Island City, Queens, New York
Coordinates 40°45′35″N 73°56′45″W / 40.75972°N 73.94583°W / 40.75972; -73.94583Coordinates: 40°45′35″N 73°56′45″W / 40.75972°N 73.94583°W / 40.75972; -73.94583
Status Operational
Commission date 1963 (1963)
Owner(s) L.S Power
Operator(s) Ethos Energy Group
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Secondary fuel Fuel Oil
Tertiary fuel Kerosene
Type Steam turbine, Gas turbine
Combined cycle? Yes
Power generation
Units operational 5
Units cancelled 2 × 500 MW PWR
Nameplate capacity 2,480 MW

Ravenswood Generating Station is a 2,480 megawatt power plant in Long Island City in Queens, New York.[2] It is owned and operated by TransCanada Corporation. The plant uses natural gas, fuel oil and kerosene to power its boilers.[2]


Ravenswood was originally built and owned by Consolidated Edison of New York Inc. (Con Edison) in 1963. The first two units constructed in 1963 were Ravenswood 10 and 20, each having a generating capacity of approximately 385 megawatts. Then, in 1965, Ravenswood 30 (commonly called "Big Allis") was commissioned with a generating capacity of nearly 981 megawatts. In the 1970s, multiple combustion turbine units were installed in a simple cycle configuration to meet peak power demands. Two 2030 MWth(500 MWe) nuclear reactors were planned to begin operation on the site in 1970, but they were cancelled due to controversy and safety concerns.

Due to deregulation of the energy markets in New York State, Con Edison was required to sell all of its "in-city" generating stations in New York City including Ravenswood. In 1999, Con Edison transferred ownership of Ravenswood to KeySpan Energy (KeySpan) for $597 million.[3] In 2004, KeySpan constructed a new unit, Ravenswood 40, using combined cycle technology with generating capacity of 250 megawats.

National Grid plc acquired KeySpan in 2007 [4] but due to its involvement in electrical transmission the New York Public Service Commission required National Grid to sell Ravenswood to ensure competition in the market. So on August 26, 2008, Ravenswood was sold by National Grid to TransCanada Corporation for $2.9 Billion.[5][6][7] Trans Canada has put Ravenswood up for sale. Ravenswood was sold to LS Power/Helix Energy Solutions Group with Ethos power running it[8].


Ravenswood is located in Long Island City in Queens, New York. The facility borders Roosevelt Island. The site is connected to the New York City electrical system through the 138 kV Vernon substation and the 345 kV Rainey substation.[9] It is capable of producing 2,480MW of energy.[2]

Unit Approximate Power First Operated[2] Power Source[2]
10 380 MW[9] 1963 Natural Gas / No.6 Fuel
20 280 MW[9] 1963 Natural Gas / No.6 Fuel
30 990 MW[9] 1965 Natural Gas / No.6 Fuel
40 250 MW[10] 2004 Natural Gas
Peaking Gas Turbines 400 MW[9] Various Natural Gas


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