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Ravi Arvind Palat (born c. 1954) is Professor (Department Chair) at the Department of Sociology, Binghamton University, The State University of New York. He has undertaken research in historical sociology, political economy, nationalism and ethnic conflict, social theory. The common theme in his work is "excavating the Eurocentric biases of social theory".[1]

His most noted work is the book Capitalist Restructuring and the Pacific Rim (Routledge, London, 2004, ISBN 978-0-415-13074-5).[2]

He is also on the Board of the Fernand Braudel Center.

Membership of Editorial Boards of Peer Reviewed Academic Journals[edit]

  • Review, Fernand Braudel Center, Binghamton University, 2002-[3]
  • Critical Asian Studies, 2002-.[4]
  • Development and Society[5]


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