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Ravindra Randeniya
Born Boniface Perera
(1946-06-05) June 5, 1946 (age 69)
Dalugama, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Occupation Actor, Politicians
Years active 1971-2005
Notable work Desa Nisa (1975)
Dadayama (1984)
Maya (1985)
Sandakada Pahana (1989)
Sri Medura (1990)

Ravindra Randeniya (Born Boniface Perera) (born 5 June 1945) is a Sri Lankan actor and politician.[1] He rose to fame in Lester James Peries's film Desa Nisa in 1972, and was a popular actor during the 1970s and 1980s; He won the Sarasaviya Best Actor Award in 1984 (Dadayama), 1985 (Maya), 1989 (Sandakada Pahana), and 1990 (Sri Medura).

Early life[edit]

Randeniya was born in Dalugama, Kelaniya Sri Lanka in 1945. Dalugama was a small village filled with paddy fields and streams. Randeniya appreciated nature growing up often spending evenings looking over the fields; he was also an avid reader from a young age immersing himself in the works of acclaimed Sinhala authors like Martin Wickremasinghe, Prof.Ediriweera Sarachchandra, Kumaratunga Munidasa, and Wimalaratne Kumaragama.[2]

Randeniya attended St. Francis School in Dalugama. Though he was a good student, he failed to pass his A-level examination and didn't pursue higher education. Randeniya instead joined his family business of manufacturing hardware products.[2]

Beginnings in theatre[edit]

In his free time, Randeniya started taking courses in theater decor and screenwriting at Lionel Wendt Theatre Workshop. The Workshop was considered the premiere acting school in Sri Lanka, and its faculty was composed of the leading Sinhala dramatists of the day like Dr.Ediriweera Sarachandra, Damma Jagoda, Gunasena Gallappathi, Ernest MacIntyre, Percy Colinthus, and Irangani Serasinghe. Randeniya became interested in acting while taking a required general acting class under Jagoda; he gradually became fascinated with the idea of acting over the two years he spent at the school.

Film work[edit]

Randeniya got his first starring role in the student production Mudu Puttu directed by Gallapaththi. His performance in the film drew praise from well-known director Lester James Peries. He next appeared in Kalu Diya Dahara, considered "a watershed in the annals of Sinhala films", which dealt with a struggle between workers and administration in a tea plantation. It was made in 1971, and shown nationwide in 1974.[2]

Peries, who was a fan, picked Randeniya for one of the three main roles in Desa Nisa alongside Joe Abeywickrema and Sriyani Amarasena. This would be his breakthrough role, and established him as a popular actor when screened in 1972.[2]


Later Randeniya elected to Sri Lanka Parliament for United National Party. He served as a member in 2001-2004.


Year Film Role
1971 Kalu Diya Dahara
1972 Desa Nisa
1975 Tharanga
1975 The God King Mogollana
1976 Duhulu Malak
1976 Ganga
1977 Siripala Saha Ranmenika
1977 Ektemge
1978 Veera Puran Appu
1979 Wasanthaye Davasak
1981 Induta Mal Mitak
1984 Dadayama
1985 Maya
1986 Der Stein Des Todes
1986 Sura Saradiel
1987 Maldeniye Simion Dayaratne
1987 Witness a Killing
1987 Janelaya
1988 The Iron Triangle (Production coordinator)
1988 Kedapathaka Chaya
1988 Sagara Jalaya
1989 Sandakada Pahana
1990 Siri Medura
1993 Seilama
1993 Surabi Dena
1996 Anantha Rathriya
1997 Les Mysteres Du Sadjurah Colonel Taradjahi
1997 In The Name of God's Poor Police Commissioner, Calcutta
2001 Aswesuma
2002 Bonjourno Italia Kingsley the agent
2003 One Shot Police officer
2005 A Letter of Fire father


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