Ravna Gora (Suvobor)

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Monument to Draža Mihailović on Ravna Gora

Ravna Gora (Равна Гора) is a highland in central Serbia, at the mountain of Suvobor. It is renowned as the birthplace of the modern Chetnik movement under the leadership of Dragoljub Mihailović in 1941.

Ravna Gora was the site of a celebration marking the 50th anniversary of VE Day in 1995. Among others, the celebration was attended by Major Richard Felman of the United States Air Force, one of more than 400 US airmen rescued by the Chetniks during World War II.

Coordinates: 44°6′36″N 20°9′25″E / 44.11000°N 20.15694°E / 44.11000; 20.15694