Ravoyi Chandamama

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Ravoyi Chandamama
Ravoyi Chandamama (1999 film).jpg
Movie Poster
Directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee
Produced by C.Aswini Dutt
Written by Satyanand
(story / dialogues)
Screenplay by Jayanth C. Paranjee
Based on An Affair to Remember (1957)
Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni
Jagapati Babu
Anjala Zhaveri
Keerthi Reddy
Music by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Release date
  • 15 October 1999 (1999-10-15)
Running time
174 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 10000000
Box office 200000000

Raavoyi Chandamama (English: Come On O Moon uncle ) is a 1999 Telugu romance film produced by C. Ashwini Dutt on Vyjayanthi Movies banner, directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee. Starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Anjala Zhaveri, Keerthi Reddy, Jagapati Babu in lead roles,[1] Filmography|publisher=sify|accessdate=2008-10-31}}</ref> and music composed is by Mani Sharma.[2] The film is remake of American movie An Affair to Remember (1957).


Sashi (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is an accomplished Telugu pop singer. He visits the USA to give a few live stage shows. He has a fiancee called Rukmini (Keerthi Reddy) back at home in Visakhapatnam (Vizag). Meghana (Anjala Zhaveri) is a US-educated girl staying in L.A, who has a lover called Sujit (Jagapati Babu) back in India. Sashi meets Meghana at a party. Meghana develops a few preconceived wrong notions about Sashi by observing him talking to various girls. When Sashi plans his trip to India along with his troop he chooses to travel in Leo Star Cruiseliner from Singapore to Vizag. Incidentally, Meghana too takes the same route to Vizag to meet her longtime love Sujit. As they travel together they get to know more about each other. Though they are aware of the fact that they do have fiancees, they could not stop inevitable thing happening. They fall in love with each other. Being a matured lover, Sashi explains Meghana that the feelings they have for each other might have been generated out of infatuation. Sashi comes up with a proposal that they must stay away from meeting and talking to each other for 90 days and spend their time with their respective fiancees. On the 90th day if they have the same feeling as of today they will meet at the lighthouse of Vizag port. Then they can dump their fiancees to get married to each other. After waiting for 90 days, Meghana is standing at the lighthouse of Vizag port. Sashi meets with an accident en route to the lighthouse. Thereby he fails to make it meet Meghana and express his love. A disappointed Meghana agrees to marry Sujit. As Sujit and Meghana are about to tie the knots, Sashi attends the marriage to singing a song. We have four characters (Sashi, Meghana, Sujit and Rukhmini) eagerly waiting for the things to happen. To know what we have in store for the climax.



Ravoyi Chandamama
Ravoyi Chandamama Audio.jpg
Film score by Mani Sharma
Released 1999
Genre Soundtrack
Length 45:00
Label Supreme Music
Producer Mani Sharma
Mani Sharma chronology
Neti Gandhi
(1998)Neti Gandhi1998
Ravoyi Chandamama

The music was composed by Mani Sharma. All songs are hit tracks. Music is released on Supreme Music Company.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Naa Kosame" Chandrabose Mano 5:35
2. "Nanda Nandana" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, Harini 4:14
3. "Jagadajam Javani" Veturi Sundararama Murthy Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra 4:13
4. "Love To Live" Veturi Sundararama Murthy Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sonu Nigam 6:06
5. "Swapnavenuvedo" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu,Chitra 5:31
6. "Jhummani Jhummani" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu 4:20
7. "Letha Letha" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu,Chitra 5:28
8. "Mallepoova" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu,Chitra 4:38
9. "Gudu Gudu Gunjam" Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry Sukhwinder Singh, Smita,Lalitha,Sagari 4:27
Total length: 45:00


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