Raw Danger!

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Raw Danger!
Raw Danger front-1-.jpg
Producer(s)Kazuma Kujo
Designer(s)Maki D. Iguchi
Composer(s)Tomoyuki Kawamura
SeriesZettai Zetsumei Toshi
Platform(s)PlayStation 2, PlayStation Network
ReleasePlayStation 2
  • JP: March 30, 2006
  • EU: May 18, 2007
  • NA: June 12, 2007
PlayStation Network
  • JP: February 18, 2015

Raw Danger!, known in Japan as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2: Itetsuita Kiokutachi (絶体絶命都市2 -凍てついた記憶たち-, The Desperate City 2: Frozen Memories) is an action adventure survival game for the PlayStation 2. It was released on March 30, 2006 in Japan by Irem, and later internationally in 2007 by Agetec. The game follows six characters as they try to escape a city that is being flooded by torrential rains.

The game is a sequel to Disaster Report. Like the previous game in the series, Raw Danger was slightly modified for the Western release and to make it more suitable for the US market. A further sequel, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta, was released in Japan and South Korea for the PSP on April 23, 2009.[citation needed].


Players must think on their feet and utilize creative survival skills to have any hope of seeing their family again. Body temperature and health decrease when players are wet or in cold weather too long. They must find places to warm themselves and gather food, and find dry clothes or make them. In the end, players must run, climb, jump, and crawl their way out of this devastated city, while constantly trying to piece together information from emergency broadcasts and other victims of the disaster.[1]

The choices that the players make within the game affects the main storyline and dialog, and ultimately the ending of the game.


It is December, 2010. The underground city, Geo City (Tomisakashi in Japan), located beneath the thriving city of Del Ray, is a project put together to design the safest and most advanced city ever built in the world. The newly opened city is working great and the Mayor's Conference to commemorate the opening is going well, aside from several days of highest-recorded rainfall and a precautionary warning to evacuate after the Hudson River's water levels rise beyond cautionary levels.

Joshua Harwell

Joshua Harwell and Stephanie are just two of the waiters helping to make Mayor Goldstein's conference go as smoothly as possible. But, when the nearby levee breaks and the Hudson River begins to flood the city from above, the building the conference is being held in begins to be destroyed by the raging rapids. The city and everyone in it are in total panic and turmoil. Joshua and Stephanie see one of the secondary protagonist on the news, Amber Brazil, the framed murderer and innocent character. Detective Richard is looking for her soon afterwards. Joshua and Stephanie are walking around from Geo City to Del Ray, and throughout the areas of Del Ray, to escape with a helicopter. Joshua helps Ivan, the fifth protagonist, about his friend Sierra Young; meanwhile, Stephanie tells Joshua about her stepmother.

A few years ago, Stephanie had met her new stepmother Claire Wyatt. Stephanie rejects her after having her late mother's dress go missing, as her stepmother put it in the box for donation without realizing it. Stephanie fled in anger, but when she was about to be struck by a car, Claire had pushed her out of the way and was hit instead, resulting in serious injury and being bedridden. In the present day, Stephanie feels guilty about her stepmother and her last goal is to apologize for the accident. They go to the frozen suburbia trying to locate Claire, and it appears that she was moved to the circus with the survivors. Joshua and Stephanie reach out to the Claire and they are able to meet her in the RV, though a doctor informs them that Claire does not have much time left. Stephanie apologizes to her stepmother, and Claire says "It's okay Stephanie." and passes away, leaving Stephanie crying. Meanwhile, the helicopter arrives and the circus collapses due to the area flooding. Joshua and Stephanie make it out alive and meet Stephanie's father, who is in the helicopter. Stephanie tells her dad that Claire is dead, and they hug while Joshua looks on. They all escape successfully.

Amber Brazil

The story about the false criminal who was framed by a man in a black suit named Jaden Bradford she has discovered that her brother is dying for one last reason she was arrested by her enemy Richard Trapp and she ended up in prison and til the prison collapses and she helps the officer Richard put handcuffs on Amber's wrists and she escapes the prison while the police are finding her during the apocalypse Amber Brazil have met the mayor's client Aidan Chase she tells him about her brother and they went to the aquarium they found the fifth protagonist Ivan Kozlov he's having the gauze for some unknown reasons if they left him behind of carry him behind before the aquarium collapses Aidan receives the rescue team Ivan and Amber and Aidan continue heading to the apartment Detective Trapp shows up twice to stop them and til the road collapses and he dies by the cars they reached to the apartment and Aidan decided to guard around the entrance Amber reached to her apartment to read one of her brother's notes before he dies she found the music box and she have read the note "Cascade the guardian god of water" which appears to be the camescade dam Jaden stole the note Aidan and Amber are aftering the black men Amber's car is destroyed and they decided to find another one Amber have met the sixth protagonist from the capital island Keith Helm he knows that Amber didn't do it afterwards Amber and Aidan went to the water dam and found Jaden running they chase the person when the entire dam collapses apart Amber reaches the last note of her brother which is the data disc Amber promises her brother that she will stop the suspect when Amber have met Aidan he tells Amber about what it is she is carrying for what it turns out the real suspect who murdered David is Aidan Chase before he is the client of the mayor Goldstein Aidan decided to finish the job until Jaden shout "Don't Aidan!" he grabs Amber and she has been told about her brother Amber intervenes and Aidan stabs the handcuff chains the avalanche happens and Aidan is grabbing the edge of his death if Amber saves him he was sobbing if she avenges her brother's death she drops Aidan into his death Jaden grabs his important object and til the police car arrives and escorts Amber to the escape.

Isaac Schiller

The driver who is in the market hearing the couples talking about the celebration in downtown Geo station he went to the car and the customer that is the construction worker he needs to head to the underground restaurant after escorting Issac got another customer Sophia Briggs she asks Issac to head to the Norcal laboratory but first they're at the prison and they discovered the car crashes Sophia decided to check over there she was taking forever and Issac decided to meet her and the officers after the conversation Amber determinedly moves the gasoline pipe and blows up the entire vehicles if Issac left her behind by following the rescuer she died by the prison building and the story ends if Issac saves her from the hole then the story continues Issac was driving to the apartment and til the bridge collapses and he accidentally crashes the christmas tree and it destroys Amber's apartment the tire is missing Issac decided to find the spare after fixing the vehicle Sophia is talking to Jaden Bradford and then they went to the Norcal laboratory Sophia and Issac went inside and they explore the empty hallways Sophia went in the lab room when suddenly the door just closed it appears to be the system malfunction the ceiling is pouring the flood to drown Sophia she tells Issac to find Jaden Bradford somewhere at the apartment after looking Issac have found Jaden and he request Issac for the another task heading to the water dam meanwhile they arrived to the dam where Amber is chasing when Issac stares at the collapsing dam he waits for Jaden when he got the disc and for now they went to go save Sophia when the water's drowning her Issac deactivates the power and saves her they all exit the laboratory they were in the taxi and til the earthquake is flooding the entire place they all escaped and they finally made it to the city Jaden thanks Issac for their long task and Jaden ran off Aidan can be seen to murder him if he's not dead by Amber Sophia and Issac went in the report building and met Keith Helm he gives Issac the dollars and he was about to exit and til Sophia asks for another ride and they both escaped the Geo city but first they need to help Keith

Peige Meyer

The hours later she woke up inside of the locker and discovers the haunting school Peige have her memory that she has been bullied by an teenage girl named Emily Rose her and her friends throws her in the locker in the present days Peige want revenge on her bullies for torturing her she found the teacher calling for her which it appears to be Keith's partner Kelly Austin after calling the school rumbles and the piano catches her legs Peige is exploring the creepy hallways trying to head to the other side Peige have met her spooky teacher Gary Savage he's preparing to take Peige to the detention of studying Peige escapes from that teacher and they jump outside til the flood came and Issac is running with the vehicle Peige enters the other side of the hallways and explore to find Kelly she saves her from the piano and they conversates while using the heater and then they decided to head to the gym where the survivors are in when suddenly Kelly crossed the collapsed floor except Peige she is grabbing the metal pipe and til Mr Savage shows up catching Peige she went to Kelly and the hallways shakes and Mr Savage fell into his death they went to the gym they met the principal coughing and they have met Doctor Spritz the scientist of the important object Doctor Spritz can't go because he needs to wait for Ivan and Sierra after the conversation Emily woke up grabbing Peige's ankle she need some help if Peige helps her or not they went the spooky hallways and met Ivan and Sierra and then they're reaching to the rooftop the stairs just collapsed and Emily is grabbing the edge she asks Peige to help her if she discuss long the place rumbles and she fell and the story ends if Peige drops Emily then she'll head to the helicopter if she helps Emily then everyone evacuates the school.

Ivan Koslov

When Ivan is either left behind he's at the flood if he's rescued by Aidan he is in the laundry room with Sierra when she fell down Ivan decided to cure her which appears that Ivan however did not remember anything about his lab partner David they plan to head to Amber's apartment to look for clues they use the air mattress as the boat and across the floody road and went to the apartment they have met Doctor Spritz he remembers Sierra which is David's girlfriend and Ivan is the scientist partner of David he tells Ivan to find the way to destroy the deadliest object that will end thousands of lives "The echidna" Sierra asks if it es at the del ray high school meanwhile Ithey is heading to the apartment of Ivan's home the bridge collapses and Sierra is stuck in the debris he asks Joshua for help and him and Sierra continue exploring they entered the apartment and Ivan is connecting the memories back he remembers that he was building the echidna with David and they went to the del ray high school to find Doctor Spritz when they're at the hallways Peige reacts to Ivan and they have met Doctor Spritz at the gym Ivan connects the puzzle to the echidna's weakness the electricity they decided to destroy the echidna before their traitorist finds them Doctor Spritz fell down it appears that his time has come he tells Ivan his last words to save the people and he died they went to the echidna outside before they go Sierra asks Ivan about her last note from David and she receives the note to him David was upset that he need to say goodbye to his girlfriend Sierra he doesn't deserve to be with her after his last note they discovered the echidna is floating away and they decided to chase it by using the boat meanwhile at the town Ivan uses the flag to tie up the echidna and they're off to finish the job at the power station they are activating the power system to destroy the echidna when Ivan was outside he have discovered the clients questioning "Are you trying to sabotage Mr Apolon's plan?" Ivan's confused about this person that Doctor Spritz is talking about and which it turns out the main nemesis of the Geo city is the Mayor Goldstein he wanted to use the echidna to destroy the place because of his ruined past he encourages Ivan to give it to him if Ivan stops Mayor Goldstein they'll shoot him and he crawls and blows up the echidna Mayor Goldstein murdered Ivan and they leave if Ivan obey the mayor Goldstein then they've abandoned Sierra she cries on the snow and the story ends.

Keith Helm

The reporter who was the player character in Disaster Report, and from Capital City. Before the beginning of the game, his leg was injured and he walks with a crutch. He appears passing by Issac then he was reading the newspaper telling Amber the truth he was walking while Issac is searching and he appears at the camscade dam stalking amber and he was in the building and til he was found by Sophia and Issac he gave him that he needed and the hours later in the morning he is still reading the newspaper he realize it's late he need to escape the town before it sinks he exit and he found that he stayed too long the flood's already here he walk into the tower it suddenly collapses for the final escape he reaches the top of the floor and went to the rooftop if aidan is alive murdered Jaden then his blood stein can lead to Keith or Joshua's road he must give the data disk to Joshua or Keith if Aidan is dead then Jaden bradford is alive and escaped meanwhile Keith walks to the tower climbing and the entire tower is collapsing and when Keith just made it to the rooftop of the tower it's ready to fall and he grabs the antenna pole if Sophia is dead then Keith is dead drowning into the water and if Sophia is alive then the truth is for the end Sophia and Issac arrives with the helicopter rescuing Keith Sophia brings the ladder and Keith reaches the ladder and they finally escapes the city and the story ends with the last diary about Keith and everyone survives.


This game is able to interface with the Konami Para Para Paradise controller. This allows the player to design their own hand movements to be used when summoning rescuers. Players may also use the controller to simulate the "fireman carry", used to move unconscious characters.


Aggregate score
Review scores
Game Informer4.5/10[6]
GameSpy2/5 stars[9]
The New York Times(favorable)[13]

The game received "mixed" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[2] In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of all four sevens for a total of 28 out of 40.[5]


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