Raw Treasures Volume 1

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Raw Treasures Vol#1
Compilation album by Sweetbox
Released 2005
Genre Pop, Classical, Dance, Rock
Label Parasongs
Producer Geo Rosan
Sweetbox chronology
Best Of Sweetbox
(2005)Best Of Sweetbox2005
Raw Treasures Vol#1
Best Of 12" Collection
(2006)Best Of 12" Collection2006

Raw Treasures Volume 1: 2000–2005 is an album of Sweetbox with Jade Villalon as frontwoman containing demo version of well-known Sweetbox songs as well as previously unreleased songs. This album contains songs that have not been finally produced in the studio. The album also has 6 spoken introductions by Jade as well as songs from the time she was in the girl group Gemstone along with actress Christina Vidal, who also contributes vocals to the tracks.

Track listing[edit]

Standard Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Introduction (Classified)" Villalon 1:03
2. "For The Lonely (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon, Morricone 2:25
3. "Heartbreaker" Geoman, Villalon 3:17
4. "Introduction (Jade)" Villalon 0:38
5. "In The Corner" Geoman, Villalon 3:08
6. "Utopia (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon 3:15
7. "Falling (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon 3:05
8. "Easy Come, Easy Go" Geoman, Villalon 2:54
9. "Introduction (Adagio)" Villalon 0:44
10. "Life is Cool (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon 2:52
11. "Hate Without Frontiers (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon 3:30
12. "Liberty / Adriana" Geoman, Villalon 3:36
13. "Tour de France" Geoman, Villalon 2:56
14. "Introduction (After The Lights)" Villalon 0:53
15. "Killing Me DJ (Unreleased Demo)" Geoman, Villalon 3:51
16. "After The Lights" Geoman, Villalon 3:15
17. "Introduction (Gemstone)" Villalon 0:56
18. "Out-Take" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 1:22
19. "So Damned" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 3:34
20. "Fly Away" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 3:24
21. "Girls Talk" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 0:55
22. "Crazy (Unreleased Demo)" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 3:26
23. "Scream" Villalon, Christina Vidal, Crystal Grant 3:39
24. "Introduction (Addicted)" Villalon 0:27
25. "Break Down" Geoman, Villalon 3:06
26. "Addicted" Geoman, Villalon 2:50


  • Mixed By Geoman


  • Demos might not have the same production quality as the original versions on the albums "Classified" (2001), "Jade" (2002), "Adagio" (2004), "After the Lights", "13 Chapters" and "Best of 1995-2005". They offer to the listener a very intimate look into the creative heart of an artist and at the working in a studio.