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Two pieces of raw chocolate

Raw chocolate is chocolate which is produced in a raw or minimally-processed form. It is made from unroasted (sun-dried) cacao beans and cold pressed cacao butter. A variety of crystalline and liquid sweeteners may be used, including: coconut sugar, coconut nectar, xylitol, agave nectar, maple syrup, and stevia. Cane sugar and other highly processed sugars are not used, but this is no evidence of being less harmful.[1] Dairy products are not added to raw chocolate, therefore it is usually vegan. Soy is also usually avoided – soy lecithin is often used in processed chocolate. It is also naturally gluten-free.

It represents a fast-growing segment of the chocolate industry.[citation needed] The low-heat or "cold" production process (which avoids roasting) may help to preserve vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which are naturally present in raw cocoa.[2] Many, if not most, marketers produce chocolate that is certified organic or fairly-traded.[3]

Raw chocolate has been promoted on major networks such as Fox News,[4] and appeared on series 13 of popular UK show Dragons' Den. Among the recognized brands of raw chocolate are RAW Chocolate[5], Rawflect,[6] Xocai,[7] Gnosis,[8] and Sacred Chocolate.[4]

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