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Rawal Ratan Singh was the 42nd ruler of Mewar, a state that then covered part of the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan. He ruled from 1302–03 CE. He belongs to the Sisodiya dynasty. He was married to Padmini .


Padmavat is a poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540 based on the historic siege of Chittor. It was written about Alauddin Khilji, who attacked Chittor in 1303 CE after hearing of the beauty of queen Rani Padmini, the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh.[1] In response, Padmini sent Rakhis to the Kings of neighbouring states with a message that Rakhis sister was in danger and the Kings should send forces to protect her.[2] Rawal Ratan Singh, the 42nd ruler of Mewar, ruled from 1302-03 AD and was a Rajput Gurjar belonging to the Guhilote clan. Mewar was a state in those days covered partly of the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan. Rawal Ratan Singh was in the Delhi Sultanate - the kingdom set up by the invaders was nevertheless growing in power, during the 12th and 13th centuries. The Sultans made repeated attacks on Mewar due to one reason or the other. Rani Padmini who was one of the main reasons for Ala-ud-din Khilji`s attack on Chittor in 1303 AD. In those days Chittor was under the Rule of King Rawal Ratan Singh, a brave and noble warrior and king. Apart from being a loving husband and a justified ruler, Rawal Ratan Singh was also a patron of the arts.

Rawal Ratan Singh, Ruler of Mewar There were many talented people in Rawal Ratan Singh`s court and two of them were Bards brothers called as Raghav and Chetan. The brothers Raghav and Chetan were also informer of Sultan Khilji who was controlling a police state based on inputs provided by his agents. They used their evil talents to demand a part of Rani Padmini`s dowry as a means to keep them from giving their aptitude to the Sultan.

Rana Ratan Sen was not only furious on their extortion but he banished both Raghav and Chetan from his kingdom. This harsh treatment brought about Rawal Ratan Singh an unbending enmity. Seething out of humiliation, Raghav and Chetan went towards Delhi to incite the Sultan of Delhi Ala-ud-din Khilji to attack Chittor and also achieve the famous beauty Rani Padmini as a mistress.

The Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji asked them to explain everything, after being informed of Rani Padmini`s beauty, Ala-ud-din`s attraction grew even more, and immediately on returning to his capital he gave orders to his army to march on Chittor. However, Ala-ud-din Khilji was much disappointed on reaching Chittor, he saw that the fort was heavily defended. Desperate to have a look at the legendary beauty of Padmini, he sent word of positive relation to King Rawal Ratan Singh and said that he looked upon Rani Padmini as his sister and wanted to meet her. On hearing this, the innocent Rawal Ratan Singh asked Padmini to see the `brother`. However, the Rani was much clever and she refused to meet the deceitful Sultan personally. However, Rawal Ratan Singh persuaded his wife and she consented to allow Ala-ud-din to see only her reflection in water.

When Ala-ud-din met Rani Padmini, he came to the fort with his selected his best warriors who secretly made a careful examination of the fort`s defenses on their way to the palace. On seeing Padmini, the lustful `brother` decided that he should secure Padmini for himself. While returning to his camp, Ala-ud-din was accompanied for some way by King Ratansen. Taking this opportunity, the wily Sultan unfaithfully seized Rawal Ratan Singh and took him as a prisoner into his camp. Khilji sent a message to the fort that Rawal Ratan Singh can only be freed by exchanging Rani Padmini as his mistress.

Padmini consulted this problem with her maternal uncle Gora, who was a Chauhan Rajput, he told her not to worry, and that he would go and bring back Rawal Ratan Singh. He also assured his sister that Sultan would not be brave enough to stop him. A message was sent from the fort to Khilji that Rani Padmini would come with 50 of her servants in palanquins and that no Muslim soldier should glance inside the palki to annoyance the humility of the Rajput women. The message also stated that before Rani Padmini meets Khilji she would like to have a talk with Rawal Ratan Singh.

The palki`s came with the best Rajput warriors with two swords each. When Padmini`s palki reached Ratan`s tent, which was occupied by Gora, he asked Rawal Ratan Singh to mount the horse and go back to the fort. Then Gora waved a signal and every Rajput came out of the palki and attacked the Muslims who were cut to pieces. Gora reached Khilji`s tent and was almost on the verge to kill the sultan when khilji moved his concubine in front of himself. Gora, being a Rajput, could not kill an innocent woman and these few seconds were enough for Khilji`s guards to kill Gora from behind. King Rawal Ratan Singh was a brave and honest king among the Rajputs. His subjects honored him for his perfect sense of justice and humility.