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Rawla Mandi

रावला मंडी,ਰਾਵਲਾ ਮੰਡੀ,راولا منڊي

8PSD (B) grampachyat
Town (Gram Panchayat)
Clockwise from top: Sunset view on canal, Baba Ramdev Temple during a fair, Rawla Mandi 's first college M J Kumheriya college, Shaheed Smarak (Martyr's memorial) at Rojhri Chowk; it is built in the memory of persons who died during farmer's movement in 2004
Clockwise from top: Sunset view on canal, Baba Ramdev Temple during a fair, Rawla Mandi 's first college M J Kumheriya college, Shaheed Smarak (Martyr's memorial) at Rojhri Chowk; it is built in the memory of persons who died during farmer's movement in 2004
Rawla Mandi is located in Rajasthan
Rawla Mandi
Rawla Mandi
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 28°50′41″N 72°53′24″E / 28.844693°N 72.889947°E / 28.844693; 72.889947Coordinates: 28°50′41″N 72°53′24″E / 28.844693°N 72.889947°E / 28.844693; 72.889947
Country India
DistrictShri Ganganagar district
TehsilRawla mandi
 • SarpanchMrs. Sunita Nayak
145 m (476 ft)
 • Total12,947[1][2][3][4][5]
 • OfficialHindi
 • Other commonly usedRajasthani, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sikh Bawri
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code01506
ISO 3166 codeRJ-IN
Vehicle registrationRJ-13
ClimateBWhw (Köppen)
Avg. summer temperature°F
Avg. winter temperature°F

Rawla Mandi (in Hindi and Rajasthani:- रावला मंडी, in Punjabi:- ਰਾਵਲਾ ਮਂਡੀ, in Sindhi:- راولا منڊي) is a small town in Gharsana Tehsil of Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. It is located on Gharsana-Khajuwala road, 24 km away from Gharsana and 180 km from the district headquarters Sri Ganganagar. The state capital Jaipur is 480 km away, and national capital New Delhi is 600 km away. It is 55 km from Anupgarh, 33 km from Khajuwala and 122 km from Bikaner. Rawla mandi known as 8PSD (B) gram panchayt.

Extent, geography and climate[edit]

Rawla Mandi is in the Thar Desert. Thorny shrubs and sandy dunes are the basic characteristics of this region. Kikar(Acacia), Aak (Calotropis procera), Khejari (Prosopis cineraria), Khimp (Leptadenia pyrotechnica), Lathiya, Laana and Booiin (Aerva tomentosa), Tumba(Citrullus colocynthis) make natural vegetation of this area. According to experts Rawla area is enriched with fertile soil for crops. Gypsum rocks are assets of this region. The waters of Ignp canal has brought changes to flora and fauna and agriculture of wheat, mustard, cotton, Guar, pulses and Jawar has given a composite form of sandy dunes and green fields. It should be noted that this region with Gharsana is called cotton-belt but now things are changing. Average annual rainfall has fallen dramatically in the last few years. Since key source of irrigation is canal-water, water supply is inadequate for agriculture. Now many farmers are moving to a new trend of irrigation by tubewells.

Rawla Mandi lies roughly between 72.87'72"E to 72.90'E longitudes and 28.83'25"N to 28.85N' latitudes. Details as follows:

  • 1 Longitudinal extension:72.87'94"97E (Head/bridge over canal on Khanuwali road) to 72.89'60"04E (eastern end of Keshav colony) or 72.90'66"04E (up to ricco water works end).
  • 2 Latitudinal extension :from 28.83'2588N (Ranjeet Singh's sawmill) to 28.85'24"92N (near Mj college) or 28.85'86"38N (including new northern colonies).


Gypsum is most common mineral found in the rocks of this area. The gypsum deposits occur in rocks of tertiary period(roughly from 6.6 crore to 25.8 lakhs years old period), and are considered to have by evaporation process.[6]


Rawla Mandi is currently a gram panchayat local government. Rawla mandi is divided into 17 wards.

The current sarpanch is Sunita Devi,[7] who was elected on 18 January 2015. Manju Devi is serving as vice-sarpanch who is also ward panch from ward no.15. Total ward members are listed below:

Ward No. Name of ward panch
1 Suman
2 Jaswant Singh Raisikh
3 Surajbhan Nayak
4 Krishna Kataria
5 Kavita
6 Vikram Singh Ramgarhia
7 Bhaga Devi
8 Hetram Bishnoi
9 Simranpreet Kaur
10 Gaurav Kumar Arora
11 Manpreet Kaur
12 Darshan Singh
13 Dhanraj Meghwal
14 Rajkumar Sansi
15 Manju Devi Jain
16 Chandra Devi Sain
17 Santosh Joshi

Chaks of Rawla mandi[edit]

Map showing 5 Chaks of Rawla Mandi.

Rawla Mandi grampanchayat is divided into 5 chaks. These are 8 PSD B, 8 PSD A, 2 DOL, 1KPD A and 1 KDP B.Main town of Rawla Mandi is associated with 8 PSD B. Rawla Mandi grampanchayat is known as 8 PSD B. 10 KD,30.A.S,9 PSD (A), 10 KPD and 4KPD are neighbouring grampanchayats of Rawla Mandi grampanchayat.



Rawla Mandi canal
Anupgarh branch of IGNP canal:History of Rawla begins with this canal.

Rawla is not an old village. The Anoopgarh branch of the IGNP canal brought the waters of the Satluj and Beas rivers in 1967 and at that time some people opened their shops near the bridge built on the canal for labourers and farmers working on the canal site.

In 1982 a new grain market was established. Rawla began to expand and the golden period of Rawla began. On 19 August 1987 a number of illegal shops were demolished by the administration and people showed strong resistance. Earlier Rawla Mandi was a part of Rojari gram panchayat and in 1988 it was given grampanchayat status. Gangabishan Poonia was elected as first Sarpanch on 1 June 1988. Hardworking and dedication changed the life of the people of Rawla. By 2000 Rawla began to decline due to droughts and lack of water in the canal. Many residents left the town and the people became hopeless and sad. The people of Anoopgarh, Gharsana, Khajuwala and Rawla Mandi started a movement against state government.[8] The people of Rawla were demanding sufficient water for agriculture. According to them government had discriminatory attitude between people of first phase and second phase of Ignp irrigation system but government was claiming due to bad rain conditions water supply in Ignp canal had decreased and water was being given as per proportion of both phases.[9] Rawla came into the news when this peasant movement became violent when a gathering of farmers entered a police station and set it afire on 27 October 2004. Three persons Kaluram, Mangilal, and Rajkumar died in police firing. A curfew was imposed on the area.[10]

At present the shortage of water for agriculture is the most serious challenge for the people of Rawla Mandi. Now again due to positive rain conditions and water supply in the canal again this area is moving on the path of progress.

Road divider and road lights were introduced in 2011. 2012:- Rawla Mandi Sub-Tehsil is set up and Rawla mandi will be the headquarters of this sub-tehsil. In 2013 area east to Rojari road (for example ward no. 11 etc.) given back to 9 psd a grampanchayat. Many years ago it was added to 8 psd b grampanchayat. 2016:- Action against encroachment in land along canal began by government administration on 25 January in its first phase from bridge on Khanuwali road, but it razed 2 or 3 small buildings built within 25 feet of canal boundary. April:-The cctv cameras mounted on road light poles at Rojari chowk and Shiv chowk. The cameras has been fixed first in Rawla Mandi at public places.

List of Sarpanches of Rawla Mandi[edit]

No. Name Sarpanch' Tenure
1 Gangabishan Poonia 1 June 1988 – 19 July 1991 (Note: Malchand Sharma remained as Prashasak(administrator) from 19 July 1991 to 31 Jan. 1995)
2 Rajeram Tak 1 Feb. 1995 – 31 Jan 2000
3 Chanderkala Poonia 1 Feb 2000 – 31 Jan 2005
4 Jani Devi 1 Feb. 2005–21 Jan.2010
5 Sirjeet Baroka[11] from 23 Jan. 2010 – 18 Jan. 2015
6 Sunita Nayak from 18 Jan.2015-at present

The question of wards of 10 and 11[edit]

According to map Rawla mandi or grampanchayat 8 PSD-B consists 5 Chaks or land pieces.ward no 11 and 10 are not parts of these chaks. These wards are on chak 6 PSD C,which is a part of grampanchayat 9 PSD A. It consists 56 Bighas land. In 1996 deliberately or by mistake this 56 bighas land as ward no.10 and 11 were incorporated into Rawla Mandi.[12] Almost after 10 years Gram panchayat 9 PSD-A demanded back these areas on the basis of fact that these were originally inhabited on the land of grampanchayat 9 PSA-A. However this matter in now in court. On Aug-Sept 2013 both sarpanches of Rawla mandi and 9 PSD-A with their supporters kept dharna before police station with different hues of problem of these wards.Rawla mandi sarpanch was demanding not to commence any action in these wards,where as sarpanch of 9 PSD-A stated that he has full right to start action against encroachment and issues pattas in these parts.[12] After written assurance of BDO to demands of Rawla sarpanch dharna was put to end by Rawla mandi sarpanch.[12] On 12 September 2013 by a letter by Panchayat Raj department of Rajasthan government it was made clear that land concerning wards 10 and 11 was under administration of gram panchayat 9 PSD-A and 9 PSD A grampanchayat was free to initiate any action against encroachment and issue pattas in these wards.


People are mainly dependent on agriculture-based trades.


As far as industries is concerned gypsum grinding factories occupy the most important place. Raw gypsum material is supplied from villages. The government central processing unit is the perhaps largest unit in the Asian continent. After grinding, gypsum is transported to other northern Indian cities where gypsum based large scale industries use it as raw material. There was a time when Rawla area was known for its high yield of cotton. A number of factories for processing cotton were shut down in recent decade. The industrial area or Riico is located in easternmost part of Rawla Mandi. Various markets work to fulfill needs of people of town and surrounding villages.


Population as per 2011 census is as below.

CHAK or revenue village Male Female Total
8 PSD A 68 63 131
8 PSD B 6,225 5,450 11,675
2 DOL 244 201 445
1 KPD A 101 96 197
1 KPD B 267 232 499
Total 6905 6042 12947


According to census 2001[edit]

Total population was 13712 according to census of 2001. Among these 7315 are males and 6397 was female population, and mean sex ratio was 874.


Gurudwara Singh Sabha on the time of Guru poorab celebtations

Bagri, Punjabi, Hindi, Sindhi and Marwari languages are spoken here. People practice Hindu and Sikh religions. Some people have faith in Islam also. The Dera culture is also present here. Many people follow Radha Swami, Sacha Sauda and Nirankari Mission Deras.

Transport to other cities and villages[edit]

Bishnoi Temple Rawla Mandi
Bishnoi Temple at Rawla Mandi.

Rajasthan roadway buses are only public means of transport in Rawla Mandi. Private bus services are other option of transport to other cities and villages. Private taxis are also available to move to nearby villages.

Main roads from Rawla Mandi to other cities and villages[edit]

Rawla mandi khanuwali road market.
Dandi road ,Keshav colony
  1. MDR 103 (Gharsana-Khajuwala road): This road connectes to 281 Head, 12 Mld, Gharsana on the north and Shekhra, Khajuwala on the south-west.
  2. 365 head or KND road: This emerges in west side of Rawla and helps to reach 7 KND, Khanuwali and then 365 head.
  3. Sakhi road: This road emerges from above mentioned KND road and connects with Rawla village, Sakhi and then Gharsana.
  4. Dandi road: This road begins from Keshav colony and connects with KPD villages, Dandi, Sattasar and then Bikaner.
  5. Rojri road: This road emerges on the east part of Rawla Mandi and used to transport to Bikaner. It connects to Rojri where it gets merged with Gharsana-Bikaner road.
  6. Dol road: On the western end of Rawla this road helps to reach 7 DOL.


Rawla Mandi sports
A scene from a match of Indian rural wrestling, photo taken near Rojhri Chowk
  1. Cricket is popular among youth. Devabai smriti cup cricket tournament was first tournament in Rawla Mandi held in 1992. Final was played between Bikaner team and Deengarh team and Bikaner won. In first tournament of Rawla Mandi, Mr. Chandu declared 2rs. for each four.
  2. Indian wrestling and badminton as well as other games are played in Rawla Mandi.
  3. National Cycle Polo Tournament 2012:
A scene from a cycle polo match held on 16 Dec. 2012 in Rawla Mandi, in the background is the Gypsum Grinding plant

It was held in Gharsana and Rawla Mandi in December 2012.

Government buildings and facilities[edit]

The government runs the local schools, a community health care centre, veterinary hospital, and the Office of Forest Department. The police station services the southern half region of Gharsana tehsil in addition to the town.Two branches of the State Bank of India (SBI), Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) and the Ganganagar Cooperative Bank also operate here. ATM facilities are available at the SBI and OBC banks. Rawla mandi has a branch level post office under Gharsana Post Sub-offic.[13]

SN Bank name Branch code IFSC code MICR code
1 Sbi Rawla Mandi 007393 SBIN0007393[14] 335002008[15]
2 Sbi Rawla Mandi(erstwhile Sbbj branch) 032393 SBIN0032393[16] 335003525[17][18]
3 OBC Rawla Mandi 100525 ORBC100525[19] Example
4 The Ganganagar Co-operative 033026 RSCB0033026[20] 335830218[21]

Anupgarh branch of Ignp canal[edit]

Anupgarh canal is the region's main water source. This forms the northwestern border of the town and at R.D.321 a bridge cum head is built,where KND and KPD two distributories gets water from canal. This canal is lined by bricks.[22] Few years ago a Khadwanja (a brick road) is made on the both either banks of canal. In the town side valuable land along the canal has been occupied by various people and they have built pacca houses. People also using banks to dump garbage and litter. For many people banks are used for morning walk and jogging.

Social organisations[edit]

A patriotic cultural programme organised by a social organisation

Many social organisations are active contributing in social life of town.

  • Bharat vikas parishad is an active social service and programmes like marriage of poor girls, eye operation camps etc. are conducted by the organisation.
  • The local branch of Swami Vivekanand Yuwa Parishad has recently emerged and active for social awakening against social evils like drugs,dowry etc. This organisations organises cultural programmes to spread values like patriotism, nation-service specially among youths.
  • Simant yuwa jagruk sansthan is also an active social organisation in Rawla Mandi.
  • Samarpan Sansthan Rawla is another important organisation works for students and conducts general knowledge competitions.
  • Grabhasth Sishu Samrakshan Samiti (in English – The committee for fetal protection in womb) is an organisation which makes aware people against evil of female foeticide. This organisation encourages celebration on girl child-birth. The members of this organisation distributes sweets on birth of female child.

Fauna (animals)[edit]

A Rojh (Neelgai) near Rawla Mandi

The waters of canals has changed both flora and fauna of this area. Apart from domestic and common animals Rawla area has also some wild animals. Rojh or Neelgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus) are common mammals found in farms and sandy dunes. Farmers have to care about their crops from these animals. Sometimes Neelgai comes on roads and becomes reason of accidents. The snakes, Goh, Sanha(Sanda), wild rats etc. are other wild animals of this area.



  • M.J. Kumheriya PG College (Arts& Computer) :- This is first and largest college in terms of number of students. It is located at ward no. 12. H.N.Dhoniwal is the principal of college. It is established by Kumheriya Vikas Sansthan in 2004.
  • Satyam Institute for Management Technology & Science.
  • J.B. Degree College-
  • Indira memorial nursing center for A.N.M./G.N.M.
  • Sri Swami Vivekanad Co-Education College Rawla Mandi BA & B.SC. (MEDICAL/NON MEDICAL)


(A) Senior Secondary schools:-

  • Indira Memorial Children Sr.Sec.School [arts & agri./medical /non-medical]
  • Shri J.B. Model Senior Secondary school [arts & agri./Mediacal/non-medical]
  • Adrash vidhya niketan school [arts ]
  • Swami Vivekanand Children Academy Sr. Sec. School [ Arts, Commerce & Science(Agriculture/Medical/Non-Medical ],Gharsana Road,Near Ridhi-Sidhi Colony, Rawla Mandi
  • Govt. senior secondary school
  • Adrash Vidya Niketan Senior Sec. School Rawla Mandi
  • B R public sr.sec. SCHOOL rawla mandi

(B) Secondary schools:-

  • Chankya public school
  • RR public school
  • Shaheed bhagat singh public school
  • Saint montessory school

(C) Middle and Primary schools:-

  • Adarsh Vidya Mandir UPS School, Near jb school, Happy Colony, Rawla Mandi
  • Govt middle school, ward no.5
  • Govt middle school, ward no.11
  • Shree Mata Hansa Devi Girls' School
  • Tagore public school
  • M.R. public school
  • shri krishna vidya mandir u.p.school ward 6.keshav colony rawla mandi
  • Govt primary school, near Shiwa temple,Rawla Mandi.ward 17.
  • Govt primary school, Keshav Colony,8PSD(B)
  • Chodhary kasi ram sikshan sansthan (primary)
  • Govt Middle Sanskrit School 1Kpd(B)
  • Govt primary school, 8 PSD 'A'
  • Govt primary school, 2DOL
  • Govt primary school, 1KPD(A)

(D) English medium schools:-

  • SV Children academy
  • Naseeb Parvarish Public School
  • Indira memorial children school
  • J B modal public school

Computer Education Institutes[edit]

  • Munda Computer Edu Care, Ward No. 12, Nearby Rojari Chowk ---- "An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution"
  • Shivam Institute of Education, Ward No. 12
  • Gurunanak Computer Center, Main Market

Ambedker reading room and library[edit]

The Ambedker reading room and library was established on 26 February 2017.

naresh kumar nayak dpk news 9549380002


Rawla Mandi slums showing the developed area in the distance

Rawla Mandi has various political and governance issues. People have to travel about 180 km for their works at district level. The demand for Sub-tehsil at Rawla Mandi has been raised many times because tehsil headquarters Gharsana is 30 km from Rawla Mandi. Rawla Mandi govt. Sen sec school is facing problem of lacking of staff and student after tenth have to opt only arts subjects.[citation needed]



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