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RaySupreme 3D
RaySupreme 3D running on a Mac
RaySupreme 3D running on a Mac
Developer(s) BrainDistrict Gmbh
Stable release
1.53 / 11 February 2014; 3 years ago (2014-02-11)[citation needed]
Type 3D computer graphics
License Proprietary
Website braindistrict.com/en/raysupreme

RaySupreme is a 3D modeling and rendering software developed by BrainDistrict GmbH of Cologne, Germany.[1] RaySupreme is a 3D program that is the development environment for a new technology known as Text-to-3D, this new technology enables users to create 3D objects, scenes and environments by simply typing text descriptions via their keyboard.[1] The software is designed for beginners to start in 3D with an easy learning curve, and can also accommodate the advanced 3D artists as it hosts most of the main features commonly found in other 3D programs like polygonal/subdivision modeling, rendering, texture mapping, and more.[2] It was released for the first time to the public on 8 April 2013.[3]

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