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Ray Abrams
Born(1906-04-19)April 19, 1906
DiedJune 4, 1981(1981-06-04) (aged 75)
OccupationAnimator, Director
Known forRay Abrams

Ray Abrams (April 19, 1906 — June 4, 1981) was an American animator and director. Abrams worked on several major animations during the 1930s. He began his career as an animator at MGM Studios, Walter Lantz Productions and Hanna-Barbera.[1]

Abrams was born in 1906 and was raised on a property in Salt Leke City, Utah.[2] He worked in various animations during the 1930s, he began his career as an animator and director of MGM Studios, Walter Lantz Productions and Hanna-Barbera. Around 1948, Abrams joined MGM, where he was an animator of What Price Fleadom (1948).

Between 1953 and 1955, he worked briefly in the studio of Walter Lantz Productions, "Woody Woodpecker" and "Chilly Willy".[3]


Abrams is considered one of the best American animators he has worked on for several animated shows among the animations:


At the age of 75 he died in Los Angeles, California in 1981.


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