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Gorgen Ray Aghayan (July 28, 1928 – October 10, 2011[1]) was a costume designer in the United States film industry. He won an Emmy Award in 1967 with his partner Bob Mackie for his work in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Aghayan was also nominated for an Academy Award for Costume Design three times for his work in "Gaily, Gaily" in 1970, "Lady Sings the Blues" in 1973 and "Funny Lady" in 1976. He was also responsible for designing the costumes for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles. [2]

Aghayan was the lifetime partner of costume designer Bob Mackie for nearly 50 years.

Personal life[edit]

Aghayan was born in Tehran, Iran, to an Armenian family. His ancestors came to Iran during Safavid dynasty. Aghayan, at age 13, designed his first dress for The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's wife. Aghayan's mother was a famous dress maker for the Shah's wife. During the 1940s, when US films were very popular in Iran, Mr. Aghayan wanted to go to California to study and work in fashion. He came to California while a teenager, and his mother joined him 30 years later, just before the Islamic revolution.


Aghayan died on October 10, 2011, at his home in Los Angeles, California.


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