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For other people named Ray Brown, see Ray Brown (disambiguation).
This article is about Ray Brown & the Whispers, the Australian rock band. For the US doo wop band of this name, see The Whispers.
For other uses of Whispers, see Whispers (disambiguation).

Ray Brown & the Whispers were a highly successful Australian rock band from 1964 to 1967. Led by singer Ray Brown, they ranked alongside the Easybeats, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and Normie Rowe as one of the most popular acts of the period. In 1964, the band played at the Bowl, a Sydney nightclub, doing covers of popular songs such as "Shakin All Over".[citation needed]


Previous lineup of 1964[edit]

  • Ray Brown [Vocals]
  • Lawrie Barclay [Rhythm guitar]
  • Bobbie Richardson [Lead guitar]
  • John Manners [Bass]
  • Pat Jeffery [Drums]

Classic lineup of 1965–1966[edit]

  • Ray Brown [Vocals]
  • Lawrie Barclay [Rhythm guitar]
  • Al Jackson [Lead guitar]
  • John Manners [Bass]
  • Pat Jeffery [Drums]



  • Ray Brown & the Whispers (self-titled) (1965)
  • Hits & Brass (1965)
  • Heading For The Top (1966)
  • Dance Dance Dance (1966)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Miles of Hits (1988)
  • Ray Brown & the Whispers: The Ultimate Collection (2002)


Year Single Chart Positions
1965 "20 Miles" / "Devoted To You" 11[A]
"Pride" / "Say It Again" 3[A]
"Fool Fool Fool" / "Go To Him" 3
1966 "In The Midnight Hour" / "Now Is The Time" 4
"Tennessee Waltz Song" / "I am What I am" 4[A]
"Ain't It Strange" / "I Can't Get Enough" 38[A]
"Too Late To Come Home" / "Respect" 55[A]
1967 "The Same Old Song"[B] / "New Kind of Love"[B] 12[A]


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