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Ray Kay
Birth name Reinert K. Olsen
Origin Haugesund, Norway
Occupation(s) Music video, film and commercial director, photographer
Years active 1996–present

Ray Kay (born July 10, 1978 as Reinert K. Olsen) is a Norwegian director and photographer who is currently based in Los Angeles. He is a music video and commercial director.

Ray Kay mostly directs music videos and has worked with artists such as Cher,[1] Britney Spears,[2] Lady Gaga,[3] Justin Bieber,[4] Jessie J, Nelly Furtado,[5] Beyoncé Knowles,[6] Destiny's Child,[7] Gloria Estefan,[8] Steven Tyler,[9] Enrique Iglesias,[10] Adam Lambert,[11] Cheryl Cole,[12] Alesha Dixon,[13] Diddy, Willow Smith,[14] Amerie,[15] Sean Paul, Christina Milian,[16] The-Dream,[17] Backstreet Boys, Melanie C, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, and Ghostface.[18] He also photographs fashion stills and album covers, and has directed commercials for brands such as Pepsi, AT&T,[19] Mango and KFC.[18]

His music videos have won several awards, including MTV Awards, Much Music Awards and ZTV Awards.[20]

He will make his feature directorial debut with "Paranormalcy", a fantasy film based on the New York Times bestselling book by Kiersten White. He is currently developing the project with Gil Adler.[21]

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