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Ray Kay
Birth name Reinert K. Olsen
Origin Haugesund, Norway
Occupation(s) Music video, film and commercial director, photographer
Years active 1996–present

Ray Kay (born Reinert K. Olsen) is a Norwegian director and photographer who is currently based in Los Angeles. He is a music video and commercial director.

Ray Kay mostly directs music videos and has worked with artists such as Cher,[1] Britney Spears,[2] Lady Gaga,[3] Justin Bieber,[4] Jessie J, Nelly Furtado,[5] Beyoncé Knowles,[6] Destiny's Child,[7] Gloria Estefan,[8] Steven Tyler,[9] Enrique Iglesias,[10] Adam Lambert,[11] Cheryl Cole,[12] Alesha Dixon,[13] Diddy, Willow Smith,[14] Amerie,[15] Sean Paul, Christina Milian,[16] The-Dream,[17] Backstreet Boys, Melanie C, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, and Ghostface.[18] He also photographs fashion stills and album covers, and has directed commercials for brands such as Pepsi, AT&T,[19] Mango and KFC.[18]

His music videos have won several awards, including MTV Awards, Much Music Awards and ZTV Awards.[20]

He will make his feature directorial debut with "Paranormalcy", a fantasy film based on the New York Times bestselling book by Kiersten White. He is currently developing the project with Gil Adler.[21]

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