Ray Tracers

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Ray Tracers
Ray Tracers front cover.jpg
North American front cover art
Developer(s)Taito Corporation
Platform(s)PlayStation, PlayStation Network
  • JP: 17 January 1997
  • EU: September 1997
  • NA: 31 December 1997
  • JP: 14 October 2008 (PSN)
Genre(s)Racing, car combat

Ray Tracers is an arcade-style auto racing and combat video game released by Taito Corporation in 1997 for Sony's PlayStation game console.[1][2]


The game is part of the Taito Chase HQ  series.[3]



Man!ac gave it a score of 78/100, praising the anime inspired graphics and calling the racing exciting.[3]

GameSpot was more critical giving it just a 58 out of 100.[4]

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