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Raymond Zahab
Ray Zahab speaking at TED in 2009.jpg
Zahab speaking at TED in 2009.
Photograph by Bill Holsinger-Robinson.
Born1968/1969 (age 50–51)[1]
Known forlong-distance runner, public speaker

Raymond Zahab, MSC (born in 1969)[1] is a Canadian long-distance runner and public speaker. He has run in long-distance running adventures in several countries, including the South Pole, Siberia, and the Atacama Desert in Chile.[2][3] He crossed the Sahara with Charlie Engle, (USA) and Kevin Lin (Taiwan).[4][5]

Zahab starred in the 2007 documentary film "Running the Sahara" narrated and produced by Matt Damon and directed by Oscar-winner James Moll, which follows three men as they run across the Sahara Desert, a journey of 111 days and more than 4,300 miles of challenging terrain.[6]

Zahab is also the author of the autobiography Running for My Life: On the Extreme Road with Adventure Runner Ray Zahab (ISBN 978-1-897178-44-7),[7] and co-author with Steve Pitt of Running to Extremes: Ray Zahab's Amazing Ultra marathon Journey

(ISBN 978-0143179672).[8]and co author with Eric Walters of Just Deserts


Gobi March Team 2006 — 1st
Sahara Race 2005 — 1st
Libyan Challenge 2006 — 1st
BadWater Ultra — DNF
Marathon des Sables 2005 — 24th
Trans333 2004 — 3rd
Jungle Marathon Solo 2004 — 8th
Jungle Marathon Team 2004 — 1st
Marathon des Sables 2004 — 47th
Yukon Arctic Ultra 2004 — 1st


In 2015, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross.[9]


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