Ray of Light (sculpture)

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Ray of Light
Rayoflight sculpture redwoodcity.jpg
Artist Barton Rubenstein
Year 2008
Dimensions 180 cm (70 in)
Location Redwood City

Ray of Light, is a public artwork by artist Barton Rubenstein, located on the north side of the Redwood Shores Library, in Redwood City, California, United States. The sculpture, constructed from stainless steel, was commissioned as part of the G.R. Cress Bird Bath Project.


Like rays of light, this sculpture rises boldly with strong vertical lines that fan upwards and outwards. Water passes over the top edges and glides down the sculpture’s surfaces. With its brushed finish, “Ray of Light” emits a brilliant shimmering light, magnified by its multiple articulated surfaces.[1]


Sculpture is a functioning bird bath


Sculpture purchased by Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission in 2008 as part of the G.R. Cress Bird Bath Project [2][3] and installed in December 2008.

Location history[edit]

Sculpture resides on the north end of the Redwood Shores branch of the Redwood City Public Library at 399 Marine Parkway, Redwood City, CA


Barton Rubenstein creates indoor and outdoor sculpture with and without water for public and private spaces. These include state projects, corporate, commercial and academic institutions as well as private residences. He typically works with bronze, stainless steel, stone and glass. Fascinated with various elements of nature, Rubenstein focuses on water, kinetics, light, and suspension to create sculpture that surprise and excite the viewer.[1]

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Coordinates: 37°31′55″N 122°15′27″W / 37.53193°N 122.25763°W / 37.53193; -122.25763