Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman

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Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman
Raja of Pudukkottai
Reign December 28, 1769 - December 30, 1789
Predecessor Vijaya Raghunatha Raya Tondaiman I
Successor Vijaya Raghunatha Tondaiman
Born May 1738
Pudukkottai, Pudukkottai state
Died 30 December 1789 (aged 51)
House Pudukkottai
Father Vijaya Raghunatha Raya Tondaiman I

Raja Sri Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman (c. May 1738 – 30 December 1789) was the ruler of Pudukkottai kingdom from 28 December 1769 to 30 December 1789.

Early life[edit]

Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman was born in May 1738 to Vijaya Raghunatha Raya Tondaiman I and his wife Rani Nallakatti Ayi Sahib.[1] He was the only son of the couple and was educated privately.[1]


Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman succeeded to the throne on the death of his father on 28 December 1769.[1] His reign was largely uneventful. Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman authored a Telugu work Parvathi Parinyamu.[1]

Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman died on 30 December 1789 after a reign of 20 years. In the absence of a male offspring, Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman was succeeded by his cousin, Vijaya Raghunatha Tondaiman.[1]


Raya Raghunatha Tondaiman had eleven queens. He had only one offspring - a daughter[1]

  • Rajkumari Perumdevi Ammal Ayi Sahib


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