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Company typePrivate
IndustryAuto parts
United States
ParentFirst Brands Group[1]

Raybestos is a brand of automotive brakes established in 1902 by Arthur H. Raymond and Arthur F. Law of Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Mac's Spring & Brake Service shop, with Raybestos brakes (ca. 1930-1945).

In 1906, Raymond and Law invented the woven brake lining, an important innovation in automotive brakes.

From 1919 to 1989 Raybestos brand was manufactured by Raymark Industries, Inc, of Stratford, Connecticut.

Raymark Industries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1998.[2]

The Brand is currently distributed by Brake Parts Inc based in McHenry, Illinois.[3] In August 2020, First Brands Group (Trico) acquired Brake Parts Inc.[4]

Superfund site cleanup[edit]

The Stratford, Connecticut factory site is a designated Superfund site. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency reported:

The Raymark facility operated at (the Stratford) location from 1919 until 1989, manufacturing asbestos brake linings and other automotive asbestos products. The facility operated as a hazardous waste generator and land disposal facility. Raymark Industries, Inc. is a RCRA subtitle C regulated facility which is currently subject to bankruptcy proceedings. Hazardous waste produced on site includes lead-asbestos dust, metals and solvents. From 1919 to July 1984, Raymark used a system of lagoons to capture waste lead and asbestos dust produced by its manufacturing process. Dredged materials from the lagoons were landfilled at numerous other locations in the town of Stratford, Connecticut.[5]

Raybestos brakes in stock

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