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Gang Tattoo.jpg
Gang Members Tattoo
Founded 2004
Founding location Sydney Australia
Years active 2004 – Present [1]
Territory Sydney Australia
Ethnicity Assyrians
Criminal activities battery, extortion, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, robbery, and murder
Rivals Bronx boys,True kings,Middle eastern gangs

Dlasthr (The Last Hour) is an Assyrian criminal gang which was active in the south western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. [2]

The gang was formed by Raymon Youmaran who is now serving a 17-year sentence for the murder of Dimitri Debaz.[3]

Early years[edit]

In December 2002 Dimitri Debaz was shot and killed at a strip club in the suburb of Sefton. Raymon Youmaran became the primary suspect for police and disappeared soon after as well as another suspect Raphael Joseph who went by the nickname of "Hasoni". The NSW Police submission described how Joseph Youmaran and three other men arrived at the Sefton Hotel where Debaz was celebrating his brother Aleck's birthday with about 15 to 20 friends.[4]

Within a matter of seconds after entering the hotel a fight between Joseph his co-offenders Dimitri and Aleck Debaz had erupted.

Police alleged that the pub's CCTV footage showed Joseph and three accomplices running to their car with Joseph and Youmaran each grabbing a 9mm handgun before fatally shooting Debaz who was standing near the hotel's door. Three more shots were fired execution style into the victim's back before the gunmen fled.

Sandro Mirad, the driver of Youmaran and Josephs get away car was charged and pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to Debaz's murder. Mirad received a two and a half year sentence with one and a half year non custodial sentence.[5]

As the years followed Raymon youmaran was still in hiding and was involved in the drug business in a big way it was then he formed his gang,Dlasthr became known in sydney and embarked on a reign of terror being involved in a number of murders and public shootings as they ruthlessly established themselves as a major drug dealing and distribution syndicate in Sydney.

Rocks double murder[edit]

On 16 April 2005, at approximately 1:10am Naser Ghaderi and Keyvan Ghajaloo were killed in a drive-by shooting on Hickson Road, The Rocks, Sydney. Reports state that as Ghaderi and Ghajaloo were standing by a car,a BMW and a Volkswagen stopped next to them. The driver of the BMW was reported to have said, "Are you the Persians from the party?" Following this conversation a hail of bullets from two guns were fired killing Ghaderi and Ghajaloo. Reports also state this was payback from an altercation Ghaderi had two weeks prior at a Persian event.[6]

During the coroner’s inquest into the murders, Ahmed Alfadly a non assyrian member of Dlasthr was named as the opponent Ghaderi had during the altercation at the Persian event 2 weeks prior. Raymon Youmaran and Danny Hirmiz were also identified as possible participants in the killings. Alfadly left Australia for Kuwait five days after the shootings and has never returned. No one has been charged for the shootings.[7]

Babylon Cafe, murder of Khananyah[edit]

In November 2005 the Babylon Cafe in Fairfield, New South Wales was sprayed with bullets, killing bystander Raymond Khananyah and wounding three others. Three gunmen in balaclavas, armed with semi-automatic pistols got out of a black car and fired up to 17 shots into the cafe. It was believed the incident was a case of mistaken identity. The car in the shooting was found later and arrests were made but Youmaran still remained at large.[8]

In 2011 a coroner's inquest into the Babylon Cafe shooting revealed in the days before the murder there was a previous shooting and a fight where a firearm was produced. Counsel Assisting the Coroner Peter McGrath said police believed with shooting was the work of members of local drug gang Dlasthr. McGrath named five men as persons of interest in Khananyah's death including Ramon Youmaran, Steven David, Danny Hurmz, George Hanna, Samer Marcus and Michael Odisho.[9]

Youmaran narrowly escapes police[edit]

On 14 February 2006, Youmaran was spotted by police at a house in Woodcroft, Sydney which police had staked out. Youmaran got into the front passenger seat of a green Mercedes at about 6:15pm. Police tailed the Mercedes at speeds of up to 200 km/h across the M2 and M7 motorways, but the pursuit was called off due to safety concerns.[10]

The following day, a 24-year-old man believed to be involved in the pursuit was arrested and taken to Green Valley Police Station for questioning. Shortly after detectives seized the Mercedes involved in the pursuit from a home in Cecil Hills. They performed forensic tests on the vehicle.[10]

Murder of Audisho[edit]

On 9 April 2006, 21-year old Ashoor Audisho was shot and killed in Hamilton Road, Fairfield West. The murder was linked to Youmaran and Dlasthr. Later that year, three men were arrested and were refused bail.[11][12]

Linard Shamouil, a founding member of Dlasthr, later pleaded guilty to the murder of Audisho. He was sentenced to fourteen years jail. At the time Linard was on bail for attempted murder, which he later was found guilty of and was sentenced to a pre-parole period of nine years. He was also sentenced to a five year, non-parole period for dealing in methamphetamine.[13]

Arrest of Raymon Youmaran[edit]

In June 2006 Ramon Youmaran was arrested at Mount Pritchard, following a series of police raids on homes in Sydney's western suburbs. He had been in hiding for four years. Police seized 3000 illegal methamphetamine tablets, with a street value of $1.2 million. Seven other high ranking gang members including Linard Shamouil were also arrested.[14]

Raphael Joseph arrested in US[edit]

Raphael Joseph (also known as Hassoni) was arrested in San Diego in October 2006.[15] Joseph asked American authorities to deport him back to his country of birth, Iraq. Joseph was extradited from the US in February 2008 after fighting to stay there for more than a year. In March 2008 he faced court in Sydney and was charged with the murder of Dimitri Debaz.[16] However the charges were later dropped after Joseph had been imprisoned for nearly 18 months.[17]

In March 2014 Joseph disappeared after a meeting in Auburn, New South Wales, and has been presumed by police to have been abducted and murdered.[17]

Raids against the gang[edit]

On 24 September 2013, Sydney Police undertook 22 raids that "severely disrupted" the gang. Fifteen suspects were arrested,four jet skees a lotus sports car and a boat were confiscated by NSW police for the investigation.a high ranking member and gang coordinator was arrested at the Rossmore property and charged.[18]

In 2014 police arrested three remaining gang members and said that it had dismantled the gang's operations and described the gang as finished. Police had seized $20,000 worth of cannabis from the properties raided.[19]

Gang feud[edit]

On 11 May 2016, police arrested and charged three gang members with shoot with intent to murder, over an incident occurring in Edensor Park,the last hour trio shot at a car driven by the true kings associates,while the passenger managed to escape,one true kings member was trapped inside the car and approched by a last hour member who aimd the gun but the gun did not discharged. Samer Marcus,Danny Hanna, and George Hanna, were arrested and appeared before Fairfield Local Court charged with shooting with intent to murder.

According to police the gun violence in 2016 is thought to be part a gang turf-war over drug supply following a split within the Assyrian Kings or DLASTHR in 2012.

In 2014, police declared it had dissolved the criminal DLASTHR gang after the high profile arrests of their founding members, but it is believed the associates still at large are now feuding for top dog position on the streets of Sydney south west.

Members of the True Kings and DLASTHR, once brothers-in-arms, are now bitter rivals vying to control the drug trade.a large number of dlasthr & true kings belong to the Chaldean catholic church.[20]


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