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This article is about a songwriter. For the rugby union coach, see Ray Egan (rugby union).

Raymond Blanning Egan (November 14, 1890, Windsor, Ontario – October 13, 1952, Westport, Connecticut) was a songwriter. He moved to the United States in 1892 and settled in Michigan where he attended the University of Michigan. His first job was a bank clerk, but he soon moved on to be a staff writer for Ginnells Music Co. in Detroit.

He wrote songs for Broadway acts such as Robinson Crusoe, Jr., Silks and Satins, Holka Polka and Earl Carroll’s Sketch Book of 1935. He also wrote a number of songs for films such as Paramount on Parade, Red-Headed Woman, and The Prizefighter and the Lady. He later went on to writing songs with Walter Donaldson, Ted Fiorito, Harry Tierney, Richard A. Whiting. and Gus Kahn.

Some of his songs are:

  • "They Called it Dixieland"
  • "Mammy’s Little Coal Black Rose"
  • "Till We Meet Again"
  • "Where the Morning Glories Grow"
  • "Ain't We Got Fun?"
  • "The Japanese Sandman"
  • "In a Little While"
  • "Tea Leaves"
  • "Sleepy Time Gal"
  • "You’re Still an Old Sweetheart of Mine"
  • "Some Sunday Morning"
  • "Three on a Match"
  • "Somebody’s Wrong"
  • "Tell Me Why You Smile, Mona Lisa"
  • "Dear Old Gal, Who’s Your Pal Tonight?"
  • "There Ain’t No Maybe in My Baby’s Eyes"
  • "I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody"
  • "Downstream Drifter"
  • "Red Headed Woman”
  • "So Long, Mother"

Egan was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970. One of his work (co-written with Richard A. Whiting) named Hands In Hand Again was remixed and covered by the dark ambient band Midnight Syndicate in their 2005 album The 13th Hour.


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