Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

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Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Limited liability partnership
Founded 1948
Founder Jacques Raymond, Guy Chabot, Guy Martin, Jacques Paré
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Services Assurance, Taxation, Advisory, Recovery & Reorganization
Revenue 327 millions CAD (2015)
Number of employees
2 300
Website RCGT
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Accounting business

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT) is a Quebec-based accounting firm, the largest independent accounting firm in Quebec with over 100 offices across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.[1]

The firm offers a wide range of services, including insurance and taxation advice, strategic consulting, private management, human resources consulting, real estate consulting, strategic & performance consulting, occupational health and safety consulting, as well as recovery and reorganization consulting. Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is also active in the insolvency business.[2]


The head office of Raymond Chabot Grand Thornton is located in the National Bank Tower.

The firm was founded in Montreal in 1948 by Jacques Raymond and Guy Chabot under the name Raymond Chabot. In the 1950s, the firm took on two additional partners, Guy Martin and Jacques Paré, and changed its name to Raymond Chabot Martin Paré. Mr. Raymond was the firm's first CEO, and he retained that post until his retirement in 1980. Mr. Raymond was succeeded by Mr. Serge Saucier that year. Mr. Saucier was succeeded by Mr. Michel Lavigne, Mr. Richard Payette and Mr. Jean Robillard. Since 2013, the President and Chief executive officer is Mr. Emilio B. Imbriglio.

Today, the firm is associated with the Chicago-based accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP, one of the largest outside of the Big Four, comprising a global network of 30,000 employees.[3] This association prompted the firm to change its name to Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

RCGT is also active in its community, both in education[4] and the arts.[5] It also contributed to policy reforms such as proposed changes to the Acceptable Accounting Principles and Auditing Standards in Canada.[6]


  • Assurance
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Strategic Performance & Consulting
  • Private Management
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Recovery & Reorganization


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