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Raymond D. Tremblay (born in Timmins, Ontario) graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Carleton University in 1969. He is a writer of Métis origin. With a strong affinity to social welfare issues, he currently works at the Shepherds of Good Hope in Ottawa, Ontario.[1]

Professional career[edit]

In his early years Raymond worked for the Porcupine & District Children’s Aid Society (1965–1971). However, in 1971 he accepted many executive positions with provincial and municipal organizations:


  • Appointed the First Honorary Member of the Board of Directors of the Kingston Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (1984)
  • Distinguished Service Award from the Ontario Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association (1985)
  • In-Appreciation Award from the Kingston Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (1992)
  • In-Appreciation Award from the Timmins Branch of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (1992)
  • In-Appreciation Award from the Kingston Branch of Ontario Association of Social Workers (1993)

Career as a Writer[edit]

Raymond has self-published seventeen collections of poetry on the homeless, volunteers working with the homeless and a wide range of other topics. His latest collection "We Salute You - Vol. IV - Nous Vous Saluons" is a pictorial and poetic tribute to those individuals and groups who volunteer at the Shepherds of Good Hope.[2] He has collaborated on the publication of two booklets: "The Call to Peggy’s Cove" and "The Innovator". He has co-authored a novel about street people titled, "Remember Who I Am". He has also written two other manuscripts "On a Mission with Queensway Tours" and "Where to Next".

Published Works[edit]

  • 'The Closing of Northeastern Regional Mental Health Centre: A Plea for Leadership', O.A.P.S.W. Newsmagazine, December 1975, Volume 3, Number 4 (pp 58 – 59).
  • 'Housing Needs - A Survey of Inpatients at the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital', The Social Worker, 1984, Volume 52, Number 4, (pp 163 – 166).
  • 'Quality Review Monitors Front-Line Worker's Performance', O.A.P.S.W. Newsmagazine, February 1985, (pp 12 and 15).
  • 'Here Are More Reasons Why The Social Work Profession Must Organize to Seek Regulating Legislation', O.A.P.S.W. Newsmagazine, January 1986, Volume 12, Number 6 (pp 5 – 6).
  • 'Community Development: An Integral Part of Discharge Planning', Canadian Association of Social Work Administrators in Health Facilities Newsletter, September 1997.
  • 'Developing a Wider Range of Housing Options for the Mentally Ill', O.A.P.S.W. Newsmagazine, October 1987, Volume 14, Number 3.
  • 'Farmer Fred - Accepting, Instead of Contradicting', Geriatric Nursing, September/October 1991, co-authored with Ken Gies.
  • 'Developing Community and Hospital Partnerships: Fledgling Relationships Built on Mutual Trust, Presence and Commitment', What Works! Innovation in Community Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs, Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., March 1993.
  • 'Constructive Grief', a book review of 'Grieving Mental Illness' published in Leadership in Health Services (January/February/96) of the Canadian Health Care Association.
  • Published a second novel, 'Riding the Tides of Life', Ottawa: Budd Publishing, 2010. ISBN 978-0-9865373-2-5[3]


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