Raymond Evans (USCG)

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Raymond Joseph Evans Jr.
Raymond Evans enlistment photo, 1939-09
Raymond Evans enlistment photo, 1939-09
Died2013 (aged 91–92)
NationalityUnited States
OccupationCoast Guardsman
Known forearned a Navy Cross at Guadalcanal

Raymond Evans was a widely admired United States Coast Guard enlisted man and officer.[1][2][3]

Evans and his friend Douglas Albert Munro enlisted in the Coast Guard in September, 1939, the month that Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany.[1][2][3] They served together on a Higgins boat landing craft off Guadalcanal during the Second Battle of the Matanikau. Munro died and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor; Evans received the Navy Cross.

Evans was later commissioned as a Coast Guard officer. He commanded USCGC Ivy (WAGL-329), was the executive officer of USCGC Chautauqua (WPG-41) and was the Captain of the Port in Houston. He served in the Coast Guard until 1962, accumulating 12 years of sea-time during his 23 years in the service. He retired at the rank of Commander.[4]

The Coast Guard awards an annual medal, named after Evans, to an outstanding coxswain.[5]

The USCGC Raymond Evans[edit]

The Coast Guard accepted the delivery of the USCGC Raymond Evans on June 25, 2014. She is the tenth Sentinel class cutter.[6] All ships in the class are named after enlisted Coast Guard heroes.[7]


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