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Raymond Pitcairn (1885 – July 12, 1966), son of PPG Industries founder John Pitcairn, was a lawyer, a businessman, a collector of ancient and medieval art, and an amateur architect. He supervised the building of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral and his own castle-mansion of Glencairn.[1]

Pitcairn was also quite politically active. A Republican, he served as one of the delegates to Pennsylvania's convention to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment in 1933, and was one of Pennsylvania's delegates to the 1956 Republican National Convention. [2] He was also the national chairman and a major financial supporter of the Sentinels of the Republic, a conservative political group of the 1920s and 1930s which opposed the expansion of federal regulation and the New Deal.[3]

Pitcairn died on July 12, 1966, and was buried at Bryn Athyn Cemetery, in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.[2]


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