Raymond Pons, Count of Toulouse

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Raymond Pons (Regimundus Pontio; died after 944), who may be numbered Raymond III or Pons I,[1] was the count of Toulouse from 924.

In 932, Raymond Pons travelled north with his uncle Count Ermengol of Rouergue and Duke Sancho IV Garcés of Gascony to do homage to King Rudolph.[2]

In 936, Raymond Pons founded the monastery of Chanteuges. Between 940 and 941, he controlled Auvergne. In 944, when Hugh the Great and King Louis IV entered Aquitaine, the former met Raymond at Nevers and confirmed his titles while the Toulousain returned with the king to the royal court.

Raymond Pons married a daughter of Duke García II of Gascony, who was either the same person as his known wife Gersenda or a distinct earlier wife. His successor was another Raymond, probably his son.


  1. ^ He has traditionally been called Raymond III, but with the discovery of at least one and perhaps two additional Raymonds, this numerical designation is used by some authors to refer to his newly discovered son
  2. ^ Lewis 1965, pp. 184 n. 17 and 187. Flodoard, in his Annales, refers to the counts as principes Gothorum and names their companion "Lupus quoque Acinarius Vasco", which has been interpreted as the duke of Gascony, actually known to be Sancho.


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