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The Raymond Souster Award is a Canadian literary award, presented by the League of Canadian Poets to a book judged as the best work of poetry by a Canadian poet in the previous year.[1]

The award was presented for the first time in 2013,[2] and was named in honour of Canadian poet Raymond Souster.

Nominees and winners[edit]

Year Winner Nominated
2013 Blue ribbon A. F. Moritz, The New Measures[2]
2014 Blue ribbon Anne Compton, Alongside[1]
2015 Blue ribbon Patrick Lane, Washita
2016 Blue ribbon Lorna Crozier, The Wrong Cat[3]
2017 Blue ribbon Louise Bernice Halfe, Burning in this Midnight Dream[4]
2018 Blue ribbon Karen Enns, Cloud Physics[5]
2019 Blue ribbon Stevie Howell, I left nothing inside on purpose[6]
2020 Blue ribbon Roxanna Bennett, Unmeaningable[7]
2021 Blue ribbon Ian Williams, Word Problems[8]
2022 Blue ribbon Roxanna Bennett, The Untranslatable I[9]


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