Raynolds Pass

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Raynolds Pass
Elevation 6,844 ft (2,086 m)[1]
Traversed by SH 87, MT 87
Location Fremont County, Idaho – Madison County, Montana, United States
Range Rocky Mountains
Coordinates 44°42.6′N 111°28.2′W / 44.7100°N 111.4700°W / 44.7100; -111.4700Coordinates: 44°42.6′N 111°28.2′W / 44.7100°N 111.4700°W / 44.7100; -111.4700

Raynolds Pass, elevation 6,844 feet (2,086 m),[1] is a mountain pass on the Montana-Idaho border in the Rocky Mountains, United States. The pass is on the Continental Divide, and is traversed by a state highway (Idaho State Highway 87 and Montana Highway 87). The pass is named for Captain William F. Raynolds, an early explorer and officer-in-charge of the Raynolds Expedition of the Yellowstone region.[2] The pass is very gentle, with only a slight grade and no major hairpin curves to the highways connections with U.S. Route 287 in Montana and U.S. Route 20 in Idaho.

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